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The Wedding Shoe Game: What It Is, Why You Should Do It, and Sample Questions

So when do you play the shoe game at a wedding? Read our article to find out everything you must know about the wedding shoe game to entertain your guests.

Allyson Johnson
Allyson Johnson

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You’ve probably been seeing a lot of pictures of couples waving shoes in the air in the middle of the dance floor. No, they’re not bragging about their tired feet (but yes: taking those heels off is still probably a relief after a day of pictures!). Those shoes are flying high as part of a new trend: The Wedding Shoe Game. Fun for both the happy couple and the wedding guests, this clever trivia game will have the whole party roaring with laughter. It’s a new take on the Newlywed Game (appropriate: You’ll actually be brand-newlyweds!), and one that can be played on your big day. And because this activity only involves the newlyweds, it's a safe reception game for a COVID wedding. 

Thinking about giving the wedding shoe game a try? Here’s everything you need to know about this fun activity.

How do you play the wedding shoe game? 

Start by pulling two chairs to the middle on the dance floor, front and center where all the guests can see. Face the chairs back to back and sit so that you can’t see your beloved new spouse.

Next, both of you take off your shoes and hand one over to your partner. Now, you're each holding one of your own shoes and one of your partner's shoes. See where we’re going with this?

Enlist a designated trivia master to lead the game (think: a bridesmaid or groomsman, the maid of honorbest man, the emcee for the night, or your DJ). They’ll get the ball rolling by asking a series of questions about your relationship (see ideas for questions below). With every question, each of you will raise the shoe of the person it matches. For instance, let’s say the trivia master asks “Who said I love you first?” Most likely, you’ll both get this one right and raise the same shoe. But what about if they ask “Who’s the better cook?” and you raise your own shoe, your beloved raises their own shoe. Get ready for the laughs—and the ensuing debate! Sometimes, you may even find an occasion to raise both shoes in the air!

It’s best to keep the wedding shoe game questions tame and appropriate (Grandma is sitting right there, after all), so make sure you ask your trivia master to screen any questions before reading them aloud. Also, keep a tally of how many questions you matched on—just for a fun way of keeping score.

When do you play the shoe game at a wedding?

The wedding shoe game is a great way for folks to get to know the two of you better as a couple, as well as provide entertainment during what otherwise might be a lull in the day. Think about playing this reception game during dinner—after toasts have been completed—or in between courses. You can also play between dinner and dancing if you have some downtime or the band needs a moment to set up. While the party is getting ready to start, you can get your guests laughing while you debate who is the messier person in your apartment. 

How do you introduce the shoe game to your wedding guests? 

If your DJ or emcee will be running the show, entrust them to introduce the wedding shoe game to your guests. If someone else, like a wedding party member or other loved one, will be emceeing, they can introduce the game by saying something like: 

"Folks, we're going to play a little game with our newlyweds today—it's called the Shoe Game [or Newlywed Game]. Give a big round of applause to [couple's names]! We've set up two chairs on the dance floor, and [couple's names] are going to give each other one of their shoes. We're going ask them a couple of questions to find out how well they really know each other. If the correct answer is [partner's name], they'll hold up [partner's] shoe, and vice versa. Here we go!"

couple wedding shoe game

How long should the wedding shoe game last?

Don’t cut the game too short, but don’t let it go too long either. Take no more than 10 minutes (about 15-20 questions), which will keep your guests engaged, but not bored.

What are some alternatives if you don't want to use your shoes during the game?

If you're prefer not to remove your shoes during the reception, you have lots of other options (and can just rename the activity The Newlywed Game, instead of the Shoe Game). We've seen couples hold up paddles featuring each partner's face, signs saying "bride" or "groom" or each partner's initials or names, dolls representing each partner, and more. 

Can the shoe game be played at other pre-wedding events, aside from the wedding reception?

Absolutely! If you'd prefer to focus your reception entertainment on dancing, the shoe game can be played at several other pre-wedding parties. It makes a great icebreaker at an engagement party or rehearsal dinner, and can also be played at a couple's shower, or the bridal shower. 

What are some ways to get wedding guests more involved with the shoe game?

The wedding shoe game is pretty simple, and loads of fun—plus free entertainment for the night! Want to get the guests even more involved? Plan ahead and include a spot on your RSVP cards for the guests to ask a question with their reply. As you collect RSVPs, save the best questions and use those for your trivia master to go by. You can also have a set up next to your guest book where people can write down a question and drop their slip of paper into a jar. The trivia master will then pull a question at random—and the fun can really begin! Alternatively, you can place notecards at each table for guests to write down questions, and the trivia master to collect before the game begins.

What are some sample questions for the wedding shoe game?

Want to come up with a list of questions before the big day? Here are a you could try:

  • Who made the first move?
  • Who fell in love first?
  • Who said "I love you" first?
  • Whose family did you meet first?
  • Who is the better kisser?
  • Who hogs the bed the most?
  • Who is the better cook?
  • Who has the most clothes in the closet?
  • Who always “has to be right”?
  • Who is the bigger shopper?
  • Who hogs the bathroom more?
  • Who hogs the remote?
  • Who is the messier one/cleanest one in the apartment?
  • Who takes longer showers?
  • Who is the planner in the relationship?
  • Who has the healthier diet?
  • Who holds their liquor better?
  • Who is always the one to replace the toilet paper roll?
  • Who takes the longest to get ready?
  • Who has the better sense of style?
  • Who is the morning person?
  • Who will want kids first?
  • Who was more obsessed with wedding planning?
  • Who plays their music/podcasts the loudest?
  • Who spends more time on their phone?
  • Who chose the honeymoon location?
  • Who is the better driver?
  • Who has the bigger sense of adventure?
  • Who is the pickier eater?
  • Who is the bigger (insert favorite sports team, TV show, comic book) fan?