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31 Reviews for Bobbi Roth Weddings

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We contracted Bobbi 10 months before our wedding. I can say I really like Bobbi as a person. She was supportive during trying times and had maintained a positive attitude. It was a pleasure to interact with her when she was available. She was also knowledgeable with recommending and securing great vendors, our dj, florist, photographer, videographer, desserts were truly exceptional folks. She was an asset. But I encountered difficulties during the planning process and the day of the wedding. I am very busy and was in desperate need of someone to take the reigns in planning and executing the wedding. My school obligations are very important but in order for the wedding planning to move forward I was forced to take time away from other responsibilities because Bobbi was not handling the tasks in a timely manner. My time is very precious and I set aside to meet with her. She did not attend 2 important meetings. First she cancelled an hour before the first meeting (I flew from across the country and was only in town a few days) and the next she thought it was a different time. More than not, there were instances where she would not respond to emails or calls. When she did get in touch she would say she would have the task completed at a certain time, then didn't. Often her reasons seemed bogus. (i.e. she had a sore throat or child has a uti.) If she does have health issues that would interfere with her work obligations, I would have preferred it if she would have told us up front she was not able to handle important tasks and withdraw from planning so that we could hire someone else instead of ignoring us and losing time while nothing/very little is completed.

Profile Picture Jenelle , 9/30/12, 5 Reviews
Category: Wedding Planning

A fraud, a liar and deceitful. Three simple descriptive terms that accurately summarise Bobbi Roth. In fact, to be honest, the list of applicable terms related to dishonesty is endless.
Bobbi Roth single handily managed to not only ruin my Wedding Day, but her inexcusable behaviour both prior to and post the event has led to an unimaginable emotional consequence for my wife and I.
initially, Bobbi appeared genuine and helpful. However, as time went on the standard of her service declined at an exponential rate.
In reality, Bobbi failed to complete any task. I found myself in the predicament of having been lied to and misled and having days to spare in which to organise almost each and every element of my wedding.
Needless to say, this experience was heart breaking and I cannot put into words the emotional stress that Bobbi Roth has caused.
I composed a 7 page letter of complaint containing evidence and requested a refund.
The request for a refund was made in September 2012. Having reviewed my letter of complaint, Bobbi agreed that her service had been far from acceptable and initially offered a partial refund. This was unacceptable and Bobbi was suitably advised. On the 13th of September, Bobbi agreed to provide a full refund. It is now the 17th of January 2013 and I am still awaiting a refund. Bobbi has offered a colourful range of excuses as to why she is unable to refund me.
Since September 2012 I have attempted to contact Bobbi dozens of times. Email after email has gone unanswered. I have phoned over a dozen times and not once has my call been answered. Disappointed and let down is an accurate description.
It is also worth noting that Bobbi appears to have two listings on this site, where interestingly, other people have also received a dire and inexcusable service. Avoid, avoid, avoid.

Profile Picture Dom, 8/19/12, 2 Reviews
Category: Wedding Planning

I used Bobbi Roth Wedding for my wedding day on 8.12.12. I choose the Day of Wedding Coordinator (DOC) since I have experience in event planning already. I knew that I wanted to be able to enjoy my wedding day and not be bothered by unexpected things that come up, working with my wedding vendors, ceremony and reception set up, etc. I just wanted to be able to hang out with my family and bridal party , enjoy this once in a lifetime event in my life, and just be able to soak it all in! My DOC , Heidi was an important factor in helping me enjoy my day and freeing me from being in charge the day of. They also created a wedding timeline for our big day. This was extremely helpful and kept us on track and on time :) To be honest the timeline was the main thing that I was concerned about for my wedding day. Heidi took charge and took care of that for me and I was definitely at ease. I would recommend Boobi Roth Weddings to anyone!!!!!!!!!!!! I absouluty give them credit for making my day the best day of my life!!!!!

Profile Picture Alexis, 8/12/12, 1 Review
Category: Wedding Planning