Paying the officiant
We're getting some last minute details sorted out and I came to paying our officiant. We contacted the office our minister works out of to find out what he normally gets paid (he's retired now and just works out of the church not with the church). Now that we know what to pay him we will give him the cash or cheque when we do our rehearsal. We also wanted to give him a gift card over and above his fee to show our appreciation. Should this also be given to him at the rehearsal or the rehearsal dinner or after the ceremony?

Any ideas?

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the church coordinator came up to me right after the ceremony, as we were in the hallway...she handed me the marriage license and asked about the final payment.
I just had it in an envelope in my bag and had someone give it to her, and she gave it to the pastor.

Maybe you can have someone take it to him right before the ceremony starts....our pastor was not at the rehearsal, just the coordinator

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it is best to pay him before the ceremony. the rehearsal is fine. just not in front or every one. ;-) the gift card would be considerd a tip. tips are usualy given after the service is preformed. but how ever you choose to do it is just fine. :-) most people prefer cash but if you feel more comfertble with a check thats fine to.

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Our officiant required being paid in full a week prior to the wedding. After the ceremony, before she left, we had my honorary MOH slip her a card that had a thank you in it from us, with a Visa Gift card. My MOH actually handed out all the cards that had the tips and final payments in them. It made it much easier on us to not have to worry about those details.

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Great advice =] I was actually thinking of what to do with that issue as well!!! Thanks!

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The officiant who is marrying us told me that the "traditional envelope of cash" is a great way to go. Have a trusted family member give him/her the envelope before the ceremony begins. (:

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We asked our officiant and she said after the ceremony. So our honorary MoH too :-) gave her the envelope with cash.
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Give to the officiant before the ceremony... so he can cut the preaching short :)

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I usually tell my clients that I'd like to have this taken care of the week or so beforehand. Not that I'm worried about being paid, but it's one less thing for you to deal with on the day.

And Jabez, being paid doesn't effect the ceremony script......(and there are a lot of us that are women.)
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