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Reception Announcement Wording
Ugh, I wrote my entire ceremony, and now 30 days before my wedding I have to compose the wording for our announcements. This is the part when the family & bridal party are announced and then us as newly married into the reception. Our bandleader has asked me to write exactly what he should say because he doesnt want to mess it up. He doesnt usually do weddings. We are not the type to do funky movie themed entrances, just want something classy. Rather than having a wedding party we are doing groups (my parents; my grandfather & his girlfriend; his mother, brother, SIL & niece; his father & stepmom; my brother, SIL, & niece). I dont even know how to start. Any of you vendors have some sort of script or ideas for how to make one for me? As if I don't have enough to do =) I kind of hoped he would be able to say something nice about us, but I cant tell him what to say! He was the reason we I thought it would be easy to come up with something....any thoughts?

Married: 08/13/2009
Posted On: Jul 14, 2009 at 9:28 AM | Vendors are allowed | Add to My Watchlist | Flag As Inappropriate

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Jul 14, 2009 at 8:11 PM • Flag As Inappropriate
What I have seen is " Ladies and Gentlemen, the Bridal Party has arrived, please take your seats"

You can have music for your entrance... whatever suits your style.

Make your way to the head table, sit down then the MC should start with the head table... All of your important people can stand up and wave. So, if there is no wedding party, he can say what their relationship is "Kerianne's mum and dad, dad's firstname and moms firstname lastname"; Kerrianne's grandpa name and his companion name; you catch my drift here. As per everything wedding, it should be the bride's family first.

Check with your local library if they carry any of the books for MC'ing a wedding (Master of Ceremony is the correct term). That should get you in the right direction! And if the bandleader is the reason you met, he should be able to step up and inject his own style into the rest of the proceedings. Best of Luck!
Jul 15, 2009 at 10:23 AM • Flag As Inappropriate
This is how we do it:

While you are off taking pictures or whatever, soft background music is played while the guests mingle and await your entrance. When you and the bridal party are ready, line up outside the entrance. Have the DJ fade the background music, then the MC announces "Family and friends, could I please have your attention?! We would now like to present to you, the bridal party!" Then he announces the first set of people, maybe the parents, by name, and they walk in. (It's always fun if you have a fun grand entrance song playing while this is announced). He announces them a couple at a time, usually in order they walked up the aisle to during the ceremony. Then when it's your turn, he says something like "And finally, our guests of honor, your bride and groom, Mr and mrs Smith" or whatever. The music is turned up a little louder for your entrance as you come in. After being announced, make your way to the head table.

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