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Even if you’ve planned every last detail of your wedding, unexpected situations can and do arise. With the right wedding insurance you will be able to avoid the burdens of wedding day disasters such as a ruined wedding gown, a damaging storm, and much more.

Here are some questions and answers about wedding insurance.

What is wedding insurance?
Wedding insurance can help you get money back in the event of loss or damage of anything relating to your wedding—even if your wedding is unexpectedly cancelled. And with wedding liability insurance you will be covered for any property damages or bodily injuries that may happen during your celebration.

Who can purchase wedding insurance?
Anyone who has contributed money to the wedding can purchase wedding insurance, though many policies have age and residency requirements.

When should you get wedding insurance?
It’s a good idea to purchase wedding insurance as soon as you’ve booked your first vendor. That way, you’ll be covered throughout the planning process as well.

Why should you get wedding insurance?
A lot of planning goes into making your dream wedding come true, but you cannot plan for the unknown. Bad weather, injuries, and accidents are all out of your control—therefore it is a good idea to have a backup plan.

How much wedding insurance do you need?
It depends on your budget, factoring all of the vendors and details of your wedding day. A standard plan is around a couple hundred dollars, but if a disaster does strike, you could be saving thousands.

Where can you get wedding insurance?
Talk to your insurance provider to see if they can offer the right plan for you. You can also look into companies who specialize in wedding insurance, like WedSafe.