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Your Wedding Theme, Based On Your Myers-Briggs Personality Type

Can we predict what wedding theme you’ll go for based on your Myers-Briggs personality type? Let’s see!

Bethany Carlson Photography
Bethany Carlson Photography

Bethany Carlson Photography
Bethany Carlson Photography

If you’ve taken a Myers-Briggs Type Indicator, a personality test developed by Katharine  Cook Briggs and Isabel Briggs Myers based on the teachings of psychologist Carl Jung, you know it’s pretty spot-on. Beyond predicting what type of career might suit you best, your results might help you narrow down the type of wedding theme that’s truly right for you. We’ve grouped the 16 personalities into the four broader Myers-Briggs types (Analysts, Diplomats, Sentinels and Explorers)  that would likely have similar wedding theme tastes. (Psst! Don’t know your Myers-Briggs personality type yet? Take the quiz here!)

Find your Myers-Briggs group and type to see your ideal wedding theme.

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We had to put you first, analysts, since you wouldn’t have taken the time to get to the bottom of the page. You’re self-starters, incredibly hard-working and passionate about productivity. You somehow always find yourself in a leadership position, either on your team at work or with your friend group. While structure and order are your comforts, your grounded nature gives you a genuine affinity for nature. The no-frills essence of trees and wooded areas appeals to you much more than the unnecessary opulence of indoor locations. You’ll likely enjoy a wedding theme that’s either woodland or rustic-inspired. Repurposing a barn, a wood block or a few branches in your wedding details will satisfy your waste-resistance, while the natural, lush backdrops of outdoor, rustic wedding venues will save you from having to do too much decorating. The more creative aspects of wedding planning (like decor) are likely to bore you, but don’t worry, once you’ve got your venue and theme there are lots of logistical details you’ll love.


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Diplomats (INFJ, INFP, ENFJ, ENFP)

These diverse personality types are grouped together because you’re all interested in the most lofty ideas the world has to offer. You’re the thinkers, philosophers and great ideaters among the 16 Myers-Briggs personality types. You can be found in a coffee shop debating the merits of Jung versus Freud; giving a lecture at a university or putting your idealism to good use in politics or the nonprofit world. Since you spend your time in your head, a celestial wedding theme will feel most natural. Your intrigue for what lies beyond what we can see and touch, combined with an affinity for science of all sorts will have you going gaga for planetarium wedding venues, constellation signage and iridescent accents.


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Sentinels (ISTJ, ISFJ, ESTJ, ESFJ)

You’re the protectors, nurturers and caregivers of the Myers-Briggs personality types. You’re everyone’s best friend, and the first person people call for everything from an early-morning airport pickup to a listening ear after a break up. The reason you’re such a great friend and partner is your waters run deep, and feelings are what you do best. When it comes to your ideal wedding theme, lean into your emotionality, don’t run from it. Go for deep-hued, moody wedding colors that will be evocative for your guests. You are far from a cookie-cutter person, so don’t feel pressure to go for “traditional” brighter hues. You’ll want your wedding decor to really tell an emotional story, and this theme will get it done.


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Explorers (ISTP, ISFP, ESTP, ESFP)

No matter which Myers-Briggs combination you occupy within the explorer group, it’s likely that you love adventure. You’re fiery, full of energy and love to hog the spotlight. Whether you get paid for it or not, you’re a natural entertainer, the life of every party and the star of your own charmed life. Whoever you’ve chosen to put a ring on it (or whoever put a ring on you) is one lucky person as you’re everyone’s favorite party/family dinner/concert date. The only wedding theme that wouldn’t be dulled by your personality is metallic wedding details. Sparkling, sequined gowns, gold ceremony chairs and bold metallic geometric installations will help to show your truly shining personality.