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27 Minimalist Engagement Rings for Your Understated Other Half

Bigger isn't always better. If you're looking for a sparkler that's simple yet stunning, don't miss these minimalist engagement rings.

Solitaire engagement ring with plain gold band next to gold wedding band

Solitaire engagement ring with plain gold band next to gold wedding band

When it comes to engagement ring shopping, a common consensus is that bigger is better. And while it's easy to get dazzled by jaw-dropping rocks that pop up in our social media feeds (like the latest celebrity engagement rings), not everyone dreams of an over-the-top style—and that's totally okay! Minimalist engagement rings have their own sophisticated beauty that's just as stunning as any megawatt sparkler, and we're here to prove it. So whether you're looking for a minimalist option to match your low-key lifestyle or simply don't want to break the bank on a huge ring, these designs will give you plenty to choose from.

What Makes an Engagement Ring Minimalist?

There are a few details that set minimalist engagement rings apart. One easy way to keep things simple is to go for a solitaire stone on a plain band. That way, all the focus is drawn to one sparkling centerpoint. Stick with timeless round- or emerald-cut diamonds, or make it your own by opting for a more unusual cut like marquise or trillion. Another popular choice is to go for a ring that's ornate but dainty. Generally, that means smaller stones on a thin band. Again, there are lots of ways to make yours one of a kind, such as using colored gemstones instead of diamonds (sapphire and emerald are always in style). Alternatively, you could avoid standout stones altogether and go for something even more subtle like a pavé eternity ring. 

Where to Buy Minimalist Engagement Rings

First things first: Reach out to your local jeweler to see if they've got something that catches your eye. You'll be able to hear from an expert face-to-face, as well as see the rings in person. If your neighborhood jewelry store doesn't have what you're looking for (or you just want to expand your options), you can also shop online for an engagement ring. To help get you started, these three top retailers all sell minimalist engagement rings.

  • Catbird: Catbird is a hub of stunningly unique wedding and engagement rings designed by some of the best in the industry. You'll find a nice selection of minimalist designs to suit an understated, one-of-a-kind style.
  • VRAI: VRAI is another awesome online retailer with a gorgeous range of clean, minimalist designs. Their sustainably sourced diamonds are produced with no carbon footprint, and each timeless piece of jewelry is professionally crafted and customized to your tastes.
  • KATKIM: A favorite amongst A-listers, KATKIM's fine jewelry has graced the pages of Vogue Paris. The brand's gorgeous solitaire engagement rings are an elegant blend of classic and contemporary, perfect for anyone with minimalist style.

Our Favorite Minimalist Engagement Rings

Ready to start your search? We've found minimalist and simple engagement rings to suit a whole range of styles, from classic vintage cuts to romantic boho designs.

Marquise-cut diamond on a minimalist gold band

1. Marquise-Cut Diamond

A plain, tapered band and unique marquise-cut diamond define this stylish-yet-simple engagement ring. 

KATKIM Éternal Marquise Ring, from $3,880, KATKIM Fine Jewelry

Minimalist three-stone diamond engagement ring with yellow gold band

2. Three-Stone Style

While most minimalist engagement rings have only one center stone, there are a few ways to rock a multi-stone design without feeling extravagantly blingy. Stick with an unembellished band, keep the accent stones small, and stay away from halo settings for the cleanest look.

Jennie Kwon Exemplar solitaire ring, $3,850, Catbird NYC

Sideways emerald-cut solitaire diamond engagement ring with plain gold band

3. Sideways Emerald Cut

Minimalist certainly doesn't have to mean boring, as our list of rings is about to prove. A sideways emerald-cut diamond is a less common option that's ideal for creating a unique look.

VRAI The Signature in Emerald, from $745, VRAI

Minimalist diamond cut engagement ring on platinum band

4. Stylish Princess Cut

This petite diamond ring comes in a popular princess cut set on brilliant and durable platinum.

Blue Nile 1/2 carat Astor princess-cut petite solitaire in Platinum, $2,500, Blue Nile

Antique minimalist Art Deco diamond engagement ring with yellow gold band

5. Antique Art Deco

If vintage is more their (or your) style, ask your jeweler about minimalist Art Deco engagement rings. We love this classic solitaire design featuring an antique emerald-cut diamond. 

Erstwhile Deco solitaire ring, $9,200, Catbird NYC

Minimalist pavé eternity ring engagement ring alternative

6. Pavé Eternity Ring

Big, bold diamonds aren't everyone's cup of tea. Don't feel like you have to stick to the standard "center stone and band" style if it doesn't feel right. A subtly sparkling eternity band can serve as a practical engagement ring alternative for those who don't like the height of a prong or halo setting. Stack it with a simple wedding ring to really put the diamonds in the spotlight. 

Mejuri eternity band, $975, Mejuri

Minimalist yellow gold engagement ring with small stone

7. Barely-There Stone

On the other hand, if you do like a center stone but want something that's completely unfussy, a barely-there stone will do the trick. This delicate style is one of our favorite alternative engagement rings for slender fingers or small hands—but it can work for anybody!

VRAI tiny diamond ring, $195, VRAI

Bezel-set round diamond solitaire engagement ring

8. Elegant Bezel Setting

If you're looking for minimalist engagement rings that are also low-maintenance, you'll definitely want to consider a bezel setting. This type of ring setting wraps the center stone in metal on all sides, ensuring that it's extra secure and protected. 

James Allen 14k white gold comfort fit bezel set solitaire engagement ring, from $600 for the setting, James Allen

Dainty baguette diamond engagement ring

9. Dainty Baguette Diamonds

One of the biggest pros when it comes to minimalist engagement rings is the price. Avoid the cost of a traditional ring by opting for smaller diamonds with slight inclusions. This delicate five-stone sparkler will look stunning next to a plain wedding band.

Ike Fine Jewelry baguette diamond ring, from $240, Etsy

Unique trillion-cut diamond engagement ring on minimalist yellow gold band

10. Trillion-Cut Stone

If you're looking for unique minimalist engagement rings, we've got you. This unusually cut diamond on a plain gold band is truly one in a trillion. 

KATKIM trillion peak ring, $6,600, KATKIM Fine Jewelry

Brilliant round-cut diamond on plain white gold band

11. Round-Cut Solitaire

One of the most classic engagement rings also happens to be perfectly suited for those with a low-key style. Whether it's set in platinum, white gold, or yellow gold, we just can't argue with this combination: a solitaire round-cut diamond and unembellished band.

James Allen 14k white gold split prong solitaire engagement ring, from $790 for the setting, James Allen

Sapphire solitaire engagement ring with white gold band

12. Sapphire Center Stone

You can still rock a colorful stone even if you're going for a simple look! By opting for a solitaire stone and a plain band, the ring will have just the right amount of pizzazz while still coming across as minimalistic.

With Clarity petite solitaire sapphire ring, from $1,320, With Clarity

Round-cut solitaire diamond with tapered yellow gold band

13. Timeless Solitaire Ring

This minimalist single-stone engagement ring will let your diamond take center stage, especially thanks to the chic tapered band. It's a clean, elegant design that'll never go out of style.

KATKIM diamond Arena ring, from $5,500, KATKIM Fine Jewelry

Minimalist emerald-cut engagement ring with yellow gold band

14. Classic Emerald Cut

We love solitaire stones with thin bands—can you tell? An emerald-cut diamond shines entirely on its own when set in elegant yellow gold. It's a lovely minimalist engagement ring choice if you're going for a modern-classic piece that will be stylish for decades to come.

Gemist The Emerald Solitaire, from $8,875, Gemist

Round-cut diamond bezel-set engagement ring with yellow gold band

15. Round-Cut Bezel

Round-cut stones look fabulous with bezel settings. This is an ideal alternative for those who want a classic ring without having to worry about prongs snagging or diamonds coming loose.

Ring Concierge Mercer, from $998 for the setting, Ring Concierge 

Minimalist rose-cut emerald engagement ring with yellow gold band

16. Rose-Cut Emerald

This vintage-inspired, minimalist emerald engagement ring feels utterly timeless. And who doesn't want to channel Jackie Kennedy's iconic sparkler in their bling?

Gillian Conroy pear ring with emerald, $1,800, Catbird NYC

Stunning emerald-cut diamond on thin yellow gold band

17. Ultra-Thin Band

Following the ready-to-wear trend of super-dainty jewelry, we've started seeing more engagement rings with extra-thin bands. Thanks to Ring Concierge, you can design your very own with the diamond shape and size of your choice. We love the clean, modern look of this emerald-cut stone. 

Ring Concierge Whisper Thin engagement ring, from $10,000, Ring Concierge

Minimalist three-stone sapphire engagement ring with yellow gold band

18. Three-Stone Sapphire

Take inspiration from the royals and opt for a toned-down version of Princess Diana's famous sparkler. Minimalist sapphire engagement rings are also a great option for those with September birthdays.  

ILA Melika sapphire ring, from $575, Catbird NYC

Sideways twin baguette diamond minimalist engagement ring alternative

19. Back-to-Back Baguette Stones

This double baguette-cut diamond design is one of the most unique minimalist engagement rings we've seen. It's simple, modern, and stylish.

ILA Perryn diamond baguette ring, $2,200, Catbird NYC 

Graduated diamond engagement ring

20. Neat Graduated Diamonds

Here's another unique option that still feels subtle. Small, symmetrical stones in a graduated style are equal parts simple and elegant.

Ring Concierge graduated single prong ring, $698, Ring Concierge 

Simple solitaire diamond ring round cut white gold

21. Classic Solitaire Diamond

There's a reason we've got so many gorgeous single-stone designs on our list. Solitaire styles make for some of the best minimalist engagement rings. Choose between a silvery white gold or platinum band for the most low-key look.

Ritani solitaire diamond gallery engagement ring, from $1,135 for the setting, Ritani

Open baguette diamond minimalist engagement ring

22. Open Engagement Ring

This beautifully simplistic ring features an open space instead of any extravagant jewels. Two petite baguette-cut diamonds add just the right amount of sparkle for someone with understated style. 

Mejuri baguette diamonds open ring, $400, Mejuri

Minimalist yellow gold engagement ring with marquise-cut bezel-set diamond

23. Bezel-Set Marquise

A graceful marquise-cut diamond, durable bezel setting, and plain, narrow band tick all the boxes for this minimalist engagement ring.

VRAI diamond bezel ring, $285, VRAI

Dainty three-stone engagement ring with textured yellow gold band

24. Textured Gold Band

Look close and you'll see that this simple three-stone style has a gorgeously textured band. If you're looking for minimalist boho engagement rings, this subtly stands out.

Satomi Kawakita three white diamond Homespun ring, $1,319, Catbird NYC 

Colored natural diamond solitaire engagement ring

25. Natural Rose-Cut Diamond

Colored, natural diamonds are a simple way to save. Plus, they can make for truly unique minimalist engagement rings.

Shop Clementine rose cut pear natural diamond ring, from $758, Etsy

Vintage Art Deco engagement ring with minimalist yellow gold band and solitaire stone

26. Heirloom Hexagon Ring

Minimalist Art Deco engagement rings can be hard to find—this style is usually more on the extravagant side. That said, we managed to find this gorgeous piece with a classic solitaire diamond and plain gold band.

Satomi Kawakita gold and white diamond hexagon ring, from $1,011, Catbird NYC

Minimalist rose gold band with small diamond accent

27. Diamond Accent Band

If you want something that's unique but understated, rose gold minimalist engagement rings are a great choice. This trendy piece of jewelry has a chic diamond accent that won't draw too much attention.

Holden The Flush Diamond in Rose Gold, from $399, Holden