Engagement Rings
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There are several ways to reset an engagement ring that will give your sparkler a major upgrade. Many couples opt to reset an heirloom diamond ring because they want to add some personalization to the jewelry. However, before you head to the jeweler, you should know the basics of how to reset an engagement ring—like knowing the proper etiquette rules to follow or how much it’s going to cost. So, if you’re hoping to switch up your ring to make it feel more like you, here’s everything you should know about resetting an engagement ring.

Get approval first

• How to get approval from the former owner
If you’re planning to alter or reset an heirloom engagement ring, then we definitely suggest getting approval from the original owner. Plan a time to meet with the family member who passed the ring down and make sure it’s okay to reset the diamond. Sometimes people can be hesitant to alter an heirloom because they’re afraid it will upset family members or lose sentimental value. However, being honest about which aspects you’d like to adjust will help avoid any hard feelings.


• How to get approval from your S.O.
If you received an engagement ring from your S.O. that isn’t an heirloom, but you still want to make alterations, then you should definitely talk it over with your partner first. A lot of time, effort, (and money!) goes into choosing and purchasing an engagement ring. So, if you already know you want to make a few changes, then its best to ask your fiancé(e) before heading to the jeweler.

 Engagement Rings
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Learn the different ways you can reset the ring

• Replace the stone
Replacing your stone for a bigger diamond or for a diamond with a different cut will definitely give your engagement ring a new look. However, you shouldn’t reset your ring just because you don’t like the size of your stone. Remember that you can always upgrade your stone for a bigger size later down the road—but that shouldn’t be a priority right when you receive your ring, as it’s insulting to your partner. When the time comes that you’re ready to replace the stone, just make sure to work with the jeweler to ensure that the new diamond will fit your setting. Also, you’ll want to hold onto the original stone so it can be used elsewhere.

• Upgrade the setting
You can easily switch up the look of your engagement ring by changing the setting of the ring. If your engagement ring has a traditional setting like a cathedral or prong, enhance the look by choosing a halo setting or cluster. Lifting the diamond or getting a new setting style can make your rock more prominent and give the ring a whole new look.

• Accessorize with accents
Adding diamond accents or engraving your band is an easy way to rest an engagement ring. If your band is simple and clean, adding accents—like pave diamonds—will give your ring a totally new look and feel. Whether you choose diamond accents to give your ring an extra sparkle or opt to engrave the band, accents are the perfect addition to your engagement ring.

• Consider gemstones
Gemstones—like sapphires or rubies—can add a pop of color to your engagement ring. Whether you choose them to be accents on the band or on the halo, these brightly colored stones can easily evoke a new feel to your bling.

Don’t forget about the costs

• Think about your budget
Resetting your diamond or heirloom can cost you some extra $$$, and depending on how you choose to reset the ring, the price can be expensive. On average, most jewelers are able to reset a diamond for around $300. It's a good idea to make sure this additional cost will fit into your overall engagement ring budget so you don’t totally break the break.

• Shop around
We recommend meeting with more than one jeweler, perhaps up to three, before finalizing who will reset your engagement ring.Every jeweler is different, which means they will most likely have different prices for resetting a ring. Talking to a few jewelers will let you weigh options and help you find the best price.