bride holding bouquet
The Big Affair

Whether you’re totally star-obsessed or couldn’t care less about keeping up with the Kardashians, there are some details and ideas from celebrity weddings that you may want to steal. Here are some of our favorites—plus ways you can make them your own, on a budget.

Floral wall

You probably remember that famed Instagram photo of Kim and Kanye kissing in front of a lush wall of flowers. Floral walls have become the must-have photo backdrop for the celebrity wedding set.

How to get it: Covering an entire wall with blossoms can be expensive, but by going heavy on the greenery and light on the flowers, a floral wall is still entirely possible on a budget.

Dress code

Both Solange and Tina Knowles asked their wedding guests to wear all-white ensembles. The result was a truly coordinated (and good-looking) group.

How to get it: Let’s be honest, your guests will probably get pretty annoyed if you make them adhere to a too-specific dress code. Instead give your guests a creative dress code that doesn’t require too much thought. Examples include: “preppy chic,” or “rustic attire.”

Secret location

At Dwyane Wade and Gabrielle Union’s wedding, guests were told to arrive at a hotel, and then were transported to the wedding’s real location—a Miami-area castle. More recently, Allison Williams' guests flew to Denver, only to be driven several hours to the wedding venue in Wyoming.

How to get it: Honestly, the whole “secret venue” thing is something we’d rather leave to the celebs. Of course, you could pick a more under-the-radar and intimate venue in your area, but for practical reasons, it’s important to tell your guests where the wedding is in advance.

Blowout rehearsal dinner

Remember when Kim and Kanye held their rehearsal dinner at Versailles? Seems like the night-before celebration is becoming just as big of a deal as the actual event.

How to get it: If you’re on any sort of budget, hosting a rehearsal dinner that’s just as big (if not bigger) than your wedding is probably not feasible. Another idea: Host a more intimate rehearsal dinner, then invite the whole gang for drinks or dessert afterwards.

Runway-worthy bridesmaid dresses

Each of Jessica Simpson’s 14 bridesmaids’ looks were curated by a stylist, and included designer gowns from Marchesa, Temperley, Jason Wu, and more.

How to get it: Allow your bridesmaids to select their own dresses within a certain color palette, and play stylist to help them pick an ensemble that best suits their personality and style. You’ll also want to make sure the dresses all look good together.

Multiple wedding looks

At Chrissy Teigen’s wedding to John Legend, she donned not one, not two, but three Vera Wang gowns!

How to get it: We’ve seen many brides wear more traditional gowns for the ceremony and then slipping into an easy-to-dance-in dress for the reception. Another idea: Instead of changing into a completely different dress, change up your ceremony-to-reception look with accessories. From adding a statement neckline to wearing a funky headpiece, the options are endless!

Cool wedding hashtag

Weeds star Hunter Parrish recently married and guests used the hashtag #loversinparrishdise (ha!) while posting photos on social media.

How to get it: This one is totally doable! Just visit the WeddingWire Hashtag Generator to make your own, customized hashtag. 

Special guest performer

From Andrea Bocelli performing at Kim and Kanye’s wedding to Ellie Goulding performing at the royal wedding, having a guest performance is a celebrity wedding must.

How to get it: You may not be friends with a famous recording artist, but you may have a pal with musical talent. Ask him or her to perform a special surprise song for your spouse. Your friend will likely be flattered, and it will add a fun, personal touch to your party.

Surprise wedding

Jennifer Aniston and Justin Theroux’s family members and friends thought they were attending a birthday party for Justin—but it was actually their wedding!

How to get it: This is actually something we’ve seen many couples pull off. Invite your closest family members and friends to an engagement party or birthday dinner, and have it turn out to be your wedding! You’ll probably have to spill the beans to your very nearest and dearest to make sure they’ll show up, though!

Dramatic entrances and exits

One of our favorite parts of George Clooney and Amal Alamuddin’s Italian wedding was their arrival via gondola. So romantic!

How to get it: So you may not logistically be able to ride up to your venue in a gondola, but there are plenty of creative transportation options available for your arrival or exit—from classic cars to Vespas, pedicabs to yes, boats!

Dapper men’s attire

Neil Patrick Harris and David Burtka are prime examples of the importance of well-tailored, impeccable wedding attire. Their classic tuxedos looked simply perfect.

How to get it: Again, totally doable. Make sure an experienced tailor handles the guys’ wedding attire to ensure a tailored fit. Even a less expensive tux will look like a million bucks if it fits properly.