couple standing in front of wedding venue
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In the days leading up to your wedding, expect to feel a mixture of excitement, nerves, and every feeling in between. There’s no doubt you’ll have a million to-dos, including the final venue walk-through, which will be the last time you’re in the space before the real deal. The walk-through will likely include a venue point-of-contact plus your own wedding planner or designer, and it's more important than ever leave this meeting with all your questions answered for a smooth-sailing event.

Unsure exactly what to discuss? These are the must-ask questions every final venue walk-through should cover to tie up any loose ends.

What time can we arrive with our wedding party?

"Whether this venue is serving as the ceremony space, reception space, or both, make sure to confirm the appropriate time for your wedding party arrival and update the timeline accordingly,” says Erin McLean of McLean Events in Raleigh, North Carolina.

What time can our vendors access the space and what time do they need to be out?

It’s incredibly important to find out during the final venue walk-through when your vendors can begin set-up and make sure this information is communicated to everyone involved. It’s equally important to double check what time all vendors must leave to avoid being billed by the venue for additional hours. Remember to bring your signed contracts to your final walk-through so you can cross-check any details if necessary.

Can we go over the flow of the event?

For a better idea of how the day will run, ask your venue coordinator and/or wedding planner to physically walk through the space and point out how the order of events will flow. Make sure to address specific questions like the flow of cocktail hour. For example, will the bar have a long line? If so, are passed drinks as guests arrive an option to take pressure off the bar?

Will there be tip jars out at the bar?

Each venue will have their own event standards, but if you aren’t comfortable with a specific element like tip jars, be sure to speak up. As McLean pointed out,  “you’ll already be paying a service charge and we like to avoid asking guests to get their wallets out at a wedding.”

Is there a space my band can dress and/or take breaks?

If you’re hiring a band or any live entertainment for your big day, don’t forget to ask if there’s an available space for them to get ready. Confirming this detail ahead of time and communicating it to your entertainment team will ensure you avoid added stress on the day-of.

Where will our personal items and gifts go?

Before your final venue walk-through, put together a list of items you are personally providing and a point person who will be dropping them off and picking them up. This person might be a friend, your planner, or a venue coordinator, but be sure to designate this in advance. Also, make sure all parties involved know who is in charge of collecting gifts and cards, plus where they’ll be transported post-event.

Where will our exit happen and who will direct guests?

During the final venue walk-through, be sure to cover plans for your grand exit so it doesn’t become a missed afterthought. If you’d like guests to line up for the official send-off toss, confirm who will direct your guests and communicate the details. For those planning a sparkler exit, this final walk-through is the perfect time to triple check your venue’s specific policies and procedures.