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10 Things NOT to Do at a Bachelorette Party

Rule #1: Don't Pressure the bride into doing any outing or activity that she doesn’t want to do — no matter what.

 Bridesmaid  Getting Ready

There's no shortage of advice on what to do at a bachelorette party and how to plan the most amazingly memorable bash EVER—from guidance on picking the perfect bachelorette party outfit, to the bachelorette party games, and, of course, how to pick an epic bachelorette party destination. But in order to make sure the bride has a flawless last fling before the ring, there are a handful of things the attendees should make sure they DON'T do at said girls weekend. Want show your bestie a great time at her bachelorette party? 

Steer clear of these these 10 bachelorette party faux pas.

Don't: Pressure the bride into anything she doesn’t want to do.

If the bride really wants to have a girls' night in, don't try to convince her to go clubbing instead. Respect her wishes, go with the flow, and make the best of whatever she chooses.

Don't: Take the shenanigans too far.

A couple harmless, light-hearted high jinks are pretty much par for the bachelorette party course, but there's no need to plan something you know will make the bride uncomfortable. No hazing.

Don't: Ditch the group.

Wandering off to do your own thing isn't cool. Straying is likely to cause worry or insult someone—so stick with the girls. And no Irish exiting!

Don't: Grumble about cost in front of the bride.

Some bachelorette parties can get pricey. It's responsibility of the hostess (typically the maid-of-honor) to lay out an accurate cost-per-person before expecting anyone to commit. If the bash really isn’t in your budget, it's better to opt out rather than attend and gripe about how it’s breaking your bank. The latter will just make the bride feel guilty and cause stress all around.

Don't: Invite outsiders.

Rest assured that the host has extended an invitation to anyone the bride has requested. Your intentions may be good ("the more the merrier!") but in this case, it's not your place to add to the guest list unless the bride has asked you to do so.

Don't: Engage in drama.

Now is not the time to dredge up conflict, harp on personal issues, pick petty arguments, or otherwise stir the pot. If you're—ahem—dramatically inclined, ask a friend to help keep you on your best behavior.

Don't: Throw a last minute wrench into the game plan.

The hostess has thoughtfully planned a bachelorette party itinerary and chosen activities according to the bride’s preferences. You should absolutely feel free to voice suggestions—but make sure you do so ahead of time.

Don't: Over imbibe so much that the bride has to take care of you.

A bachelorette party is all about the bride having a good time and watching over a tipsy friend doesn't exactly fit into that equation.

Don't: Let the bride pay.

You wouldn't let your friend pay for her own birthday dinner, right? Same etiquette applies here. The girls should be prepared to cover the bride's share of any restaurant bills and bar tabs.

Don't: Make it all about you.

This might seem obvious, but the focus should be on the bride. Show her that you're there to celebrate her!