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Who has/is doing Boudoir photos?

Amber, on April 5, 2016 at 8:58 PM Posted in Etiquette and Advice 0 13
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I'm nervous.. Any advice/wisdom?


  • FallforLindahl
    VIP June 2017
    FallforLindahl ·

    I haven't decided if I wanted to do some BUT some girls have posted pictures of their's on here and I LOVE the outcome!

  • EmilyJ
    VIP May 2016
    EmilyJ ·

    Mine is next Sunday!

    I don't know your style, but right now aerie has these cute lace bralettes that are a good price, and can see myself wearing again around the house. They are lacy and soft and not so...aggressive like bustiers. And I am a D, and they look great.

  • NativeBride
    Super October 2016
    NativeBride ·

    I thought about doing some but really not sure.

  • Courtney CtoS
    VIP August 2016
    Courtney CtoS ·

    My sage advice...don't be nervous! You'll have a blast!

  • cjs_mommy_337
    Super July 2016
    cjs_mommy_337 ·

    I will be doing mine a month from tomorrow.

  • Shan
    Devoted June 2016
    Shan ·

    I've done one in the fun! Drink a glass (or a couple glasses) of champagne beforehand, it helps not to take yourself to seriously. Make sure your makeup is darker than usual as it will photograph differently than how it appears in person. Wear something your comfortable in, or as comfortable as one can be half naked lol. You want to at least feel

    like yourself. I wore a bra and panty set and my friend wore a flannel and boy shorts. Both turned out equally sexy. Have fun!

  • Alyssa
    Expert June 2016
    Alyssa ·

    I did mine two weeks ago. I haven't went to view them out but I had so much fun doing them! My best friend came over and my two wedding photographers. It was done at my apartment, which was completely natural for me to be in my own environment! I can't wait to see them!

  • MrsKristenS
    Master August 2016
    MrsKristenS ·

    I did a couple weeks ago and had an amazing experience!!! Enjoy it!

    Expert July 2016
    LV BRIDE ·

    I did and it was so much fun!

  • Amber
    Savvy April 2016
    Amber ·

    I guess I'm a little more nervous because I am plus size still. I have lost 175 lbs and my skin is pretty bad since losing so much weight.. The photographer assures me we can hide it.. So I will drink a glass of wine before hand then have some fun..

  • Still a Mc
    Dedicated June 2017
    Still a Mc ·

    I did one and it was so much fun! A good photographer helps. Mine made me feel very comfortable and gave really good direction on how to pose. I think every woman should do it! We all should be confident in our bodies <3

  • SarahMarie
    Master May 2016
    SarahMarie ·

    I'm doing mine tomorrow. FH has no idea. I'm nervous and excited.

  • Still a Mc
    Dedicated June 2017
    Still a Mc ·

    You will be fine. Just have fun with it! Your FH loves you (obviously or you wouldn't be here) and he knows what you look like. He will love it!

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