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E-pics Outfit Change

Katie, on August 5, 2018 at 10:03 AM Posted in Etiquette and Advice 0 8
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Hello! FH and I are getting engagement pictures done tomorrow. We're thankful it's going to be sunny but also it's going to be 95 degrees 馃槄. Mostly looking for some encouragement here..

Anyway, we picked out two outfits each yesterday..one more casual and one more dressy. First, we only have an hour and want to do beach and woodsy-trail pics.. wondering if it's feasible to do all this and the outfit change in an hour??

Next, for my casual outfit I picked out jean shorts and a t-shirt...is this going to be too casual?? I wanted to pick out something comfortable (as I've heard is best here) but worried it won't work for pictures.. anyone else do shorts and a tee for pics??
Thanks in advance, all!!


  • K
    Super September 2018
    I wore jean's and a t shirt the whole time. With only an hour I would rather use the time in one outfit to take more pictures
  • Cynthia
    Expert May 2019
    We just did our engagement pictures on Tuesday, had one hour and two outfits. It鈥檚 doable as long as you don鈥檛 have to drive far to a second location. I had on jeans and a nice/casual too for the first set, we changed quickly in our car, and we had on a little nicer clothes for the second part. It was perfect since we wanted pictures of us being US (we鈥檙e definitely more casual than anything!), but he had a button down and jeans and I had on a fun dress for the second part. Your photographer will direct you how to pose, while you鈥檙e still being natural. It鈥檚 all definitely possible though!
  • Tpatb
    Master August 2019
    We did this as well. We wore matching t-shirts w/ future last name, black jeans & matching shoes...we also did pictures in which we dressed up. I think an hour will be pushing it tbh. We did like an hr alone for the formal pics & 30min for the casual ones.

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  • Katie
    Devoted August 2019
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    Ooh love the location of yours!! Thanks for the input.
  • Heather
    Expert September 2018
    It took us about 3 hours for 200 or so pics and I changed outfits and we had 2 locations but the location was only like 10 minutes away
  • Katie
    Devoted August 2019
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    Oh, good, thank you! We are definitely more casual, too, that's kinda why I want to change. Our two "locations" are in the same park so I'm hoping that we'll be okay on time.
  • Kimberly
    Devoted November 2018

    We did super casual for the casual outfits and not even that formal for our "formal" pictures and loved the way they turned out! I'm glad we went the the more casual outfits because then we were free to do more things, including climb a lifeguard tower! Haha.

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  • Tara
    Master September 2018
    I dont think its too casual. Its not a rule you have to do fansy/dressy. I think in those places casual will look good!

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