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Edibles Incredible Desserts was born 18 years ago out of the love of two Reston residents and their Passion for the Finest Ingredients and Delicious Creative Products.                                                                           

Owners, Alan Furman and Robyn Hanna are Honored to be a Part of Your Life Memory, and Our Love and Passion for Putting Smiles on Customer Faces is the Best Part of our Business!

Our Accomplishments:

We are Extremely Proud of our Multitude of Awards, Unrivaled by over 300 Area Bakeries, including Best Bakery, Best Wedding Cake, Best Wedding Vendor, Best Kids Cakes, Best Chocolates, Best Cupcakes, Best Dessert Menu, by 300,000 subscribers of Northern Virginia Magazine and Virginia Living Magazine, for the Last 11 Years.  We Know of NO Other Business in Any Other Industry, with over 300 Competitors, That Can Make Such a Claim!

In addition, we are Wedding Wire rated The Couples Choice Award Top 5%, The Knot rated Best of Weddings, Spectrum Award For Excellence In Customer Service, Customer Satisfaction Award by Talk Of The Town, Product of the Year by the Local Chamber of Commerce, and Many Other Awards. We have been Featured on Local Television, Radio, and both Local and National Magazines.

Edibles Incredible Desserts Specializes in Awesome Buttercream and Fondant Wedding Cakes, Grooms Cakes, Custom Cakes, 3-D Extreme Cakes, Dessert Buffets, Favors, Artfully Designed Custom Gift Baskets, Award-Winning Chocolate Confections, Gluten-Free Products, and Vegan.   We Create What You Can Imagine!

Taste is Everything, so call 703-437-3008 for a Complimentary Cake Tasting.  Our Cake Prices begin at $4.95 per Guest including Most Design Elements (flowers and intricate designs excluded), and our Cupcake Prices begin at $3.75 per guest.  Our Promise is Exceptional Service and Products that You and Your Guests will be Talking About Long After Your Wedding.  Read Our Reviews and you will see that this is the case! 

We Look Forward To Meeting You and Exceeding Your Expectations!  Thanks for Taking a Look! 

Warmest Regards,

Alan, Robyn and the Edibles Incredible Desserts Team

Categories: Wedding Favor & Gift, Wedding Cake

Regions serviced: Washington DC

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My FH & I had our cake tasting and it was absolutely delicious. We hired Edible Incredibles that same day...can’t wait until the big day (1 Jun 19)!

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Profile Picture Michelle, 6/1/19, 3 Reviews
Category: Favors & Gifts

We forgot to tell our servers that we weren’t saving the top tier and I’m guessing it wasn’t mentioned by our caterer upon delivery- other than that everything was prefect

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Profile Picture Ivy, 7/21/18, 2 Reviews
Category: Unique Services (Other)

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Edibles Incredible Desserts Price Rates

Wedding Cakes Pricing
Buttercream Frosting (Per Slice, Without Tax)
Starting from $4.95
Cake Prices Include:
Anniversary Cake
Top Tier of the Cake
Cupcakes (Each, Without Tax)
Starting from $3.75
Prices Include:
Custom Cake Design
Set Up
Tasting - Open House
Tasting - Private

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Grooms Cakes

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Professional Network & Endorsements

We love Edibles Incredible! Their cakes and cupcakes are fantastic!

Edibles Incredible Desserts are Incredible ! They are not only beautiful but delicious ! They have great products and are very reliable. I encourage all of my brides to try their cake and they will be sold. f you bring them a picture, they can duplicate it. They can do 3-D cakes, delectable mini desserts, they do it all. You can not go wrong if you order from them. They are very professional and offer a cake tasting also.

Our brides who select Edible Incredible Wedding Cakes are very pleased. The variety of flavors that they have is extensive as well as their cake designs.

Awesome staff working together to create the perfect cake for each couple in their own unique way.



11917 Freedom Drive, Reston, VA 20190   See On Map
703-709-8200 (phone)
STORE SUMMER HOURS --- Monday thru Thursday: 10AM - 9PM, Friday and Saturday: 10AM - 10PM, Sunday: Noon - 8PM STORE WINTER HOURS --- Monday thru Thursday: 10AM - 8PM, Friday and Saturday: 10AM - 9PM, Sunday: Noon - 7PM OFFICE HOURS --- Monday thru Friday: 7AM - 4PM
Edibles Incredible Desserts is a wedding cake/cupcake/chocolate/dessert vendor from Reston, Virginia. We service weddings throughout the local area, including Virginia, , Maryland, and District of Columbia. Edibles Incredible Desserts is a professional wedding cake/cupcake/chocolate vendor that has been part of the Washington, D.C. wedding industry for 15 years. We specialize in Award-winning dessertss and custom cakes.