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Cut da' TIng (Reggae)

by Loxen Morre
Genre: Humor




Well the reason we're here today is a great celebration
So now we get to join in the festivities
first we have have the bride and the knife and we sing...

The Bride cuts the cake
Yeah cut it straight cut it nice
The Bride cuts the cake
Only cut once, no need to cut twice

Yeah, now you take the kniife and give it to your loving husband....
But don't give him the pointy end
and he's gonna make a NIce! Big! Slice! we sing

The groom cuts the cake
Cut it good don't make a mistake
The groom cuts the cake
careful now for the hand could shake

you can put de knife down now but please do so very carefully
now the Bride she pick up de fork
and she pick up de cake and the...

The Bride feeds the Groom
get used to this now it's all your gonna do
The Bride feeds the Groom
every time you see him, you know you got to feed him

they say that turnabout is fair play
I don't's what they say
this may be your last opportunity as the...

The Groom feeds the Bride
he say you give it to me I'm gonna give it to you
The Groom feeds the Bride
he say open my love open it wide

Yeah we done wit de ceremony now we done with the pictures' too
so you cut it up
bring us coffee and cake
we all want a piece
bring it back 'ere when you get through
we all want a piece
Cut Da' Ting!

© Copyright 2001 by T.J. Loughran ALL RIGHTS RESERVED

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Comments (4)

Nicole says...
This Is Awsome I'm So Gonna Use it! And I'm GOnna Cut Da Ting!

Amanda says...
Not sure yet but we will probably too! Hahaha this was so random and funny! I love it! "You're gonna have to feed him..." hahahahaha

Pat says...
Dis is funny mon, me tink me will use it for my cake cutting ceremony!

Megan says...
Great if you're having trouble deciding what cake cutting song to use or just don't know where to start.
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