ETSY question...need some advice!
Hey Ladies, I dont post often, but had a question and wondered if anyone knew what I should do as far as an order I never received. I had ordered a personalized Mrs. Hanger 2 months ago and it still says next to invoice status unshipped. I still, of course, haven't received it and I tried several times to contact this person, with no response. I checked today and they want me to leave feedback, but I don't know the next step I should take as far as trying to get a refund! This was my first time ever trying to order from ETSY. When I click on the shop name, it gives me an error message. Does anyone know what I should do next? I appreciate any help at all! It wasn't a large amount of money, but I still want a refund. Thanks

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How did you pay for it? Check or credit card. If credit card contact them right away and talk to one of them on what leg you have to stand on to stop payment. If by check, see if the check has been cashed, if not stop payment right away. Hopefully you did by credit card, as that is really your best recourse on getting any action. Good luck

Just Reenski
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I agree, see if you can initiate a dispute with PayPal or your credit card.

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I haven't done any business/do not know about ETSY but I had several issues with The Knot (not shipping items or shipping the wrong item) when I was preparing for my wedding. The items were on back order and they had not told me and then they had shipped the wrong item twice. It is frustrating, time consuming, and not fair that you have to deal with it but you deserve your item and/or reimbursement for it. If the individual seller is not responding to you, then you need to contact ETSY directly. I'd start with emailing them: Good luck!

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Thanks for that email address...I paid thru my debit card and the money was paid two months ago! I will be emailing...I have ordered so much online from eBay and other sites for my wedding stuff and this is the first order I've had trouble with. The whole thing was under $20 but I definitely don't want to pay for somethin I didn't get!

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Hmmm...I wouldnt be surprised if you said the seller was Mrs. Taylor

Mrs. J-Mo
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Sounds like Mrs. Taylor's M.O!

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Anytime you order from a site like Etsy or Ebay definitely use Paypal as your payment because when something like this happens you can file a complaint with paypal and they will give you your money back without even contacting the seller. I hope you are able to get your money back soon!

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It was ms Taylor. I know alot of girls on here were dissatsfied with her work.

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You can open up a claim on paypal. She will respond to that if she hasn't responded to any other messages.

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TThat's what I will be doing when I get home from work!
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