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The Top 13 Apps You Need to Plan Your Wedding

Recently engaged? Download these wedding planning apps to help the process go as smoothly as possible.

Elizabeth Fogarty

It's true — these, days, you can essentially plan your entire wedding from your phone, which means you don’t have to be glued to your computer (couch, desk, etc.) to be productive. With all of the amazing wedding planning apps available at your fingertips, your phone will serve as mission control throughout your engagement. Staying organized and on track while planning a wedding is possible, especially with this list of essential wedding apps that will help you get the job done. And because staying calm and collected is also important, we've added a few non-wedding apps to help you relax even on the busiest of days.

Here are the best wedding planning apps to help you tackle your to-do list on the fly. 

WeddingWire app

Think of the WeddingWire app as your digital, pocket-sized agenda. Budget tool? Check. Guest list organizer? Check. Inspirational content? Check. Based on your wedding date, this app will guide you through the planning process — you can search for and contact local wedding vendors right through the app, customize your Wedding Checklist, and even link accounts with your partner to share ideas seamlessly.

Download the WeddingWire app »

WeddingWire for Guests app

Connect with your guests and share all the details about your big day with the WeddingWire for Guests app. The app syncs with your WeddingWire Wedding Website so guests can easily find information about your venue, registry, and accommodations on the go. During the wedding, guests can upload their photos directly to the app, allowing you to see and download all of their snapshots in one place (no more hashtag stalking!).

Download the WeddingWire for Guests app »


With important decisions to make about your wedding and the life changes that follow marriage (like moving in together or combining finances), you might find yourselves encountering unfamiliar relationship territory during your engagement. The Lasting app helps you focus on building the foundation for a healthy marriage through daily quizzes, exercises, and personalized recommendations — think of it as premarital counseling without ever having to leave your house. Once you're married, you can continue customizing your sessions through the app to grow even stronger as a couple.  

Download the Lasting app »


Splitwise helps you effortlessly track, organize, and pay expenses. This app will definitely come in handy for all of your pre-wedding festivities, especially if you have a large wedding party or a big group of friends. We love that you can group expenses into trips, which is a game-changer when splitting costs for a bachelor or bachelorette party. You can also upload receipts, see your spend by type, and categorize your friends into groups. 

Download the Splitwise app »


The BACH app takes bachelor and bachelorette party planning one step further, which means it's worth putting on your entourage's radar ASAP. It's another great place to track, split, and request payments for expenses, but that's just the start. Searching for an easy way to get guests' input? Take advantage of the polling and chat features. Need to share your event's itinerary in a flash? There's a tool for that too. Plus, it lets you book experiences right from your phone. Explore options in a wide range of popular destinations and get access to special group rates — score! 

Download the BACH app »

Google Drive

Can't live without your spreadsheets, slideshows, and Google docs? Download the Google Drive app to access them wherever you go. Pro tip: switch your documents to offline editing mode so you can view and update them even when you're not near a reliable wifi source.   

Download the Google Drive app »


Say goodbye to all of those random screenshots of wedding ideas that are clogging up your camera roll. The Evernote app is an excellent tool for saving and organizing photos, notes, and even links to websites all in one place. You can also scan documents (contracts, business cards, or pricing sheets), import wedding-related emails from your inbox, and create "teams" to easily collaborate on ideas with your wedding party, relatives, or vendors through the app. 

Download the Evernote app »


Whenever you feel like you need a break, the Calm app is there to help. With features like meditation for beginners, sleep stories (a.k.a. bedtime stories for grown-ups), and soothing soundtracks, this app is designed to help you stay mindful and relaxed during stressful times. Put on your most comfortable PJs and pop in your headphones for a totally zen experience. 

Download the Calm app »


Whether you want to start focusing more on your health or you want to amp up your fitness routine before the wedding, the 8fit app has it all. Take advantage of customized at-home workouts, nutritionist-approved meal plans, and daily motivational tips to keep you going. 

Download the 8fit app »


Being connected to your wedding vendors throughout your engagement has never been more important. Ask your team of pros if they're on Instagram, then follow their accounts to stay in the loop about their latest gigs. You might even find inspiration for your own wedding — maybe your florist designed an amazing bouquet that will inspire your own, or your DJ tagged a talented cake baker in your area. The 'gram is also fun for keeping track of your major planning milestones, so be sure to use your wedding hashtag on all of the selfies you snap after crossing things off your to-do list. And shameless plug: don't forget to follow the WeddingWire account

Download the Instagram app »


Chances are, Venmo is already a staple app in your everyday life, but it's just as helpful when you're planning a wedding. It's best for settling quick debts between you and your partner (like splitting the cost of date night), but some wedding vendors have started using Venmo to accept payments and deposits. Venmo is also becoming popular with guests who want to give money as a wedding gift, since no cash or trip to the bank is involved.  

Download the Venmo app »


Whether you’re hosting a destination wedding or planning your honeymoon, the TripIt app will help organize all of your travel details (airline and hotel confirmations, restaurant reservations, and more). It’s especially great if your honeymoon involves multiple destinations.

Download the TripIt app »

Disclosure: This post contains affiliate links, some of which may be sponsored by paying vendors.