I'm just excited to marry the love of my life and rose of my heart! We're cat parents and look forward to being people parents as well!

May 11, 2019
Matron & Maid of Honor
Chantell, Today at 9:02 PM

Hi guys! Is it weird to have a matron of honor as well as a maid of honor? Then four bridesmaid? The matron of honor would be the one standing right next to be but i wanted to see what you guys...

Sara, 59 minutes ago 10
Father and daughter dance songs
Aleaj, Today at 6:57 PM

Hi everyone, i need song ideas for father daughter dances! I thought of “Daddy” by Beyoncé or “Dance with My Father” by Luther Vandross but they’re so cliche. Any ideas, what songs are you all using?!...

Nicole, 58 minutes ago 7
Wedding savings
Amanda, Today at 5:01 PM

Ladies!! If you are planning on ordering stuff online, download “honey” to your phone or computer! When I ordered my favors, I got 7% back and you can get gift cards to Walmart, Groupon, Amazon and...

Cristy, 4 hours ago 6 1
How Not to Cry During Father Daughter Dance
Tusdae, Today at 5:07 PM

I can’t even make it 5 seconds into my father daughter dance song without crying. Anyone have any tips on how to keep it together?

Cyndy, 5 hours ago 4
People not filling out names on rsvp
Rachel, Today at 3:29 PM

I’m so glad I numbered all my RSVPs because I’ve gotten 7 back without names on them!! That’s ridiculous! Why don’t people know this?

Colleen, 2 hours ago 16
Philadelphia Area/south Jersey Reception Venues
Julia, Today at 3:36 PM

Hi Everyone, I am looking for recommendations on venues in the Philadelphia, South Jersey or Jersey Shore Areas. The venue would need to seat 250 people with dancing. I have a caterer in mind but I'm...

Julia, An hour ago 8
Kicking out
Sydney , Today at 2:40 PM

I asked 8 of my closes friends at the time to be in my bridal party. Something happened and me and my fiancé had to push our wedding back and now we don’t even know when we are planning on getting...

Jeanie, 2 hours ago 11
Couples Shower
Ashley, Today at 11:50 AM

So when I got engaged I just felt like I didn't want a bridal shower. There's nothing wrong with them but for me personally it just doesn't get me excited to think about it. A friend of mine suggested...

earias, 6 hours ago 9
Getting started
Marrisa, Today at 1:46 PM

I have no idea what I'm doing. I don't even know how to get started. Any advice?

Marrisa, 4 hours ago 6
Save the Dates
Maranda, Today at 1:46 PM

I’m having trouble deciding if we should send paper save the dates with the link to RSVP on it so I can save cost instead of also sending out formal invites. If you have done this or have ideas on the...

Stephanie, An hour ago 5
Tux/suit shopping
Air, Today at 10:24 AM

Does the bride go with the groom? Or the groomsmen go with the groom? And should this be done after the bride picks out her dress?

Aleaj, 4 hours ago 9
Wedding Favor Ideas for Kids
Catherine, Today at 11:02 AM

Hi everyone!We are allowing family and friends to bring their kids. I have a few ideas for favors but i wanted something separate for the kids. Was hoping to hear some ideas from the wedding...

Sara, 8 hours ago 6
Make up Trial!
Ashley, Today at 11:33 AM

I had my make up trial for my engagement photos and I LOVE it! What do you guys think?

Paula, 3 hours ago 14
Wedding to Baby Shower: Gifts or no gifts?
Melissa, Today at 10:07 AM

Hello everyone. I just got married (8/16/19) and my now sister-in-law is having her baby shower the weekend after. I was going through our gifts and cards to look for an idea on how much she gave us...

Judith, 3 hours ago 16
American guests at British wedding
Eilidh, Today at 9:30 AM

Hi,We will be marrying in the UK; both of us are British and we'll be following standard British wedding conventions. The ceremony, speeches and other conventions will all be broadly in line with...

Jennifer, 12 hours ago 5
Hannah, Today at 6:51 AM

Hi, I am new here but I am desperate for feedback as I haven’t shared any of this with anyone...Me, 40 yrs old trying to conceive with a wedding date of June 6 2020. STD’s made, but NOT sent out yet....

Jeanie, 9 hours ago 6
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