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December 7, 2019
10 Things to Know About Bringing a Guy to a Wedding
Married Millennial, Today at 8:31 PM

If you and your spouse were newly dating would you bring him/her to a wedding?According to Cosmopolitan there are 10 things you should know before doing so:1. Unless you specifically state otherwise,...

Mrsbdeg, 30 seconds ago 2
Engagement Session Photos!!
Laura, Today at 6:29 PM

We got our amazing photos back!We took them in New Orleans City Park. Highly recommend the location for Louisiana brides. And our photographer was Bayou Rose Photography.we weren’t going to do a...

Monique, 17 minutes ago 3
New things learned
Monique, Today at 7:07 PM

What are some new things you have learned as you have been wedding planning? For me it was that you can find transparent clip art to use by just searching transparent clip art in google. 🤣 I don't...

Monique, 43 minutes ago 2
Gift registries
Trista, Today at 8:02 PM

Is there a difference between wedding registries and bridal shower registries? I thought they were the same, but my MOH thinks they are different, thoughts?

Trista, 46 seconds ago 5
Wedding Dress
Jeannetta, Today at 7:09 PM

Hi my wedding isn't until July 25th 2020 but I know I want to order a dress I saw on jjshouse. Has anyone ordered their wedding dress from jjshouse? How soon should I order I do want to drop a couple...

Monique, 45 minutes ago 7
Day of Coordinator a yes or a no?
Jenny, Today at 2:39 PM

Hi everyone! Would you guys suggest a day of coordinator? what are the average prices for day of coordinators? what are the responsibilities for the day of coordinator?

Dana, 15 minutes ago 24
Engagement photos: fall outfits- show me your pictures!
Tiffani, Today at 11:01 AM

Hey! I need some inspo to start shopping for an outfit for our engagement shoot- pinterest is not sparking inspiration lol! Send me yours!Bonus points if they are: -in the fall-around...

Laura, 52 minutes ago 20
False Eyelashes - Yea or Nay?
Lynnie, Today at 4:30 PM

What's your wedding day lash look?? 😍 Are you turning to your favorite trusty mascara? Getting some subtle extensions? Or going full glam with falsies?If you're going to wear fake lashes, what style...

Ceelie, An hour ago 17
Outfits for engagement shoot
Mareika, Today at 3:58 PM

Hi everyone I'm wondering if there are any folks who have done their engagement shoots and either loved what they wore or had regrets. What are your recommendations? How do we coordinate? No...

Davis, An hour ago 20
Wedding Countdown
Mandi, Today at 12:34 AM

We went shopping the other day and found a wedding countdown. We left it at the store, came home, and immediately purchased a countdown to our honeymoon. So while we currently have no countdown to our...

Monique, 6 hours ago 7
Stickers for the Favors!
Cathy, Yesterday at 7:06 PM

So, after a lot of cursing at Photoshop, I finally finished the stickers that will go on the favors! FavorLabel

Cliodhna, 7 hours ago 8
Would any ladies be willing to translate my vows to Spanish?
Jessica, Yesterday at 9:59 PM

I have been practicing my Spanish for years but I'm not that great at it, no matter how hard I try. So I'm asking for help translating my vows so I can rehearse them and memorize them. Once I have...

Jessica, 11 hours ago 5
Bridesmaid’s Dresses Recommendations
Vanessa, Yesterday at 10:10 PM

Anyone seen a similar dress to this online from a more reputable company? Love the dress style for my bridesmaids.

Sara, 12 hours ago 6
Ladies, is this a good proposal idea: Personalized Bench with Written Proposal ?
Allan, Yesterday at 10:28 PM

Hi there,I'm actually not engaged yet, but I want to propose to my girlfriend soon. She knows I will be proposing soon and she always says "You better make it special, haha".My town offers this...

Courtney, 7 hours ago 16 1
Save the dates
Victoria, Today at 12:34 AM

,here are my Save the dates What color can the guys wear black maybe ??My girls will all my in red with different styles of dresses

Cyndy, 11 hours ago 6
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