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How can you tell what kind of dance will fit a song? i know what song i want for my first dance, but have no idea if it’s a waltz, ballroom, etc

Holly, on July 4, 2020 at 9:30 AM Posted in Wedding Reception 0 7

Hey everyone

So I know what song I want to be my FH and I’d first dance (“absolute beginners” By David Bowie) and what song I want to have my father/daughter dance to (“Kooks” by David Bowie) but I have no idea what dances would fit well with these? Ballroom?


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  • Emily
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    Emily ·
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    If you're having trouble pairing the tempo/ timing with a dance, try searching the song name + "dance" on YouTube. I'm not familiar with your songs, but that's helped us find professional dancers with our songs to match a dance style.
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  • Holly
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    Holly ·
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    Oh that’s a really good idea! Thanks!
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  • Hanna
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    Hanna ·
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    I would definitely recommend having dance lessons. There are so many companies that specialize in first dances for weddings. Originally my husband and I had our hearts set on a song we loved, but then when we met with our dance instructor, she quickly explained that the tempo was all wrong and it wouldn't work for the simplistic style we wanted (my husband is a terrible dancer and we needed basic steps). So we chose a new song and everything worked out!

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  • Monique
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    Monique ·
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    If you do not know where to start dance lessons would be best. If you do not have a dancing background learning an entire choreographed dance is not as easy as it may seem.
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  • Julie
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    Julie ·
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    Dance lessons are great, but you can also look at the time signature of the song. (3/4, 6/8 etc). This will help you figure out the type of dance (waltz, foxtrot, etc) which each have their own time signature
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  • Elmarose
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    Elmarose ·
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    Youtube has so many videos on these songs for dances to help guide you Smiley smile

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  • Jana
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    Jana ·
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    Unless you're planning a choreographed song, most people dance however feels natural in the moment. Not everyone feels the desire or has the budget for lessons but pick a song a song they love regardless. Do what works for you.
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