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Cher Horowitz

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December 13, 2019
Groom’s attire
Morgan, Yesterday at 11:37 PM

Hi ladies! I am having trouble figuring out what I want my groom to wear. My main colors are quartz, wine, charcoal grey. My accent colors for decor are blush pink and champagne/gold. My maid of honor...

Kaitlyn, An hour ago 6
White Boots: To do or Not to do?
Michelle, Today at 12:00 AM

Ladies I have absolutely no idea what type of shoe to wear...I'm changing dresses for the reception and I really want to wear some boots lol! My second dress is more on the causal side so I figured a...

Michelle, 2 hours ago 2
Bridal party
Holly, Yesterday at 2:33 PM

Our wedding is on oct 3 of 2020 when you suggest picking out/finalizing the groomsmen tuxes and the bridesmaids and flower girl dresses?

Ingrid, An hour ago 6
diy Invitations. Need advice
Jenna, Yesterday at 8:25 PM

So I'm making our invitations tonight. We are doing a beach wedding in Aug. Now that I'm starting the invites I'm unsure if I like them. I feel like they look cheaply made. Inputs???

Cher Horowitz, Yesterday at 11:58 PM 5
Do these centerpieces look nice?
Mallory, Yesterday at 9:47 PM

I made these myself.. sometimes the more I look at something I make the more I’m not sure how it looks.. what do you think?

Cher Horowitz, Yesterday at 11:57 PM 3
Engagement pics sneak peek! (non-pro)
Kelsey, Yesterday at 8:44 PM

I am too excited to not share these! My dad took pictures while we were getting our engagement pics done!

Cher Horowitz, Yesterday at 11:54 PM 4
We’re finally married!!
Ashley, Yesterday at 10:50 PM

I can’t believe we’ve been married almost a month already! It was honestly such an amazing day! Everyone had the best time and we made some amazing memories together with our friends and family.

Amanda, An hour ago 4 2
Bouquet Preservation Idea!
Emily, Yesterday at 7:13 PM

I met a woman who makes keepsake jewelry from anything like breastmilk, pet/human ashes, clothing, and flowers! I know this has been done before but her jewelry is really high quality and stunning so...

Cher Horowitz, Yesterday at 11:51 PM 3
Decorating question!
Destiny, Yesterday at 6:43 PM

how are you hanging stuff on at places that cant have nails and such put up? im thinking the comand clip things but im not sure how it would work for a wood painted pavillion? it would be for draping...

Destiny, Yesterday at 11:58 PM 2
All Things Blue!
Cher Horowitz, on October 14, 2019 at 3:35 PM

Are you incorporating any blue into your wedding? Anything from blue shoes to bridesmaid dresses to blue canopies, blue is just gorgeous to me! Feel free to share anything blue from your wedding...

Cher Horowitz, Yesterday at 11:48 PM 130 14
Engagement Photo Attire??
Elizabeth, Yesterday at 8:06 PM

HELP! What the heck does one wear for engagement photos when it is cold out???

Victorian Bride, Yesterday at 11:53 PM 6
Bridal party gifts
Jessica, Yesterday at 7:03 PM

Do you have to get everyone gifts?

Cher Horowitz, Yesterday at 11:44 PM 7
Is two years too long for an engagement?
Christine, Yesterday at 8:13 PM

Me and my fiancé got engaged on October 4th and we really wanted to have an October 10th 2020 wedding but we couldn’t find any venues we liked with that date available let alone any dates in October...

Ali, Yesterday at 11:39 PM 20 1
Bridal outing last night
Nicole, Yesterday at 12:39 PM

I had so much fun last night at my bridal outing. I was totally bummed some couldn’t make it, but we still had a blast anyways!! Shoot out to my best friend on the far left for hosting. ❤️ 9 days...

Cher Horowitz, Yesterday at 6:37 PM 3
the Dress!!
McKenzie, Yesterday at 1:22 PM

I went into a bridal shop for the first time today, I was very hesitant because my mom is no longer with me. I fell in love with the first dress I tried on, I cried and cried and am absolutely in...

Cher Horowitz, Yesterday at 6:36 PM 7 1
Makeup trial: absolute Success!
Chloe, Yesterday at 5:24 PM

Hey y’all! I posted a few days ago about my makeup trial because I was a little nervous about it. I had another one before that didn’t go exactly like what I wanted, but this morning I had a trial...

Bianca, 47 minutes ago 21
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