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Super March 2020

What decor would you pick?

Desiree, on January 3, 2020 at 4:05 AM Posted in Style and Décor 0 5
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What decor would you pick? 1
Alright, so here's our ceremony venue! Very pretty, but also kind of plain. Or is it? I'll be having red chairs and a red carpet aisle runner put down. Should I dress this up with an Arch? Or focus more on aisle decor? What would you do? (Wedding colors are red, pink, peach, and lots of greenery)What decor would you pick? 2
Pic 1 is the way the guests will be facing.
Pic 2 is where I'll be coming out of, and the view behind where the guests are sitting.


  • Kristen
    Rockstar November 2020
    Kristen ·
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    An arch can be nice but not needed. Some aisle decor would be a great idea.
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  • Katlyn
    Devoted December 2020
    Katlyn ·
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    I think a floral arch would look great. The venue is a good classic style and I think a floral arch would add to the classic look.

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  • Dierdra
    Super November 2020
    Dierdra ·
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    If you decided against an arch you could do some tall planters with florals to frame the front. Like tall centerpiece options?

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  • Cher Horowitz
    Master December 2019
    Cher Horowitz ·
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    I agree that a floral arch would be gorgeous! Or maybe pillars with flowers

    From Pinterest!What decor would you pick? 3 What decor would you pick? 4

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  • Tanyia
    Expert February 2020
    Tanyia ·
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    I think pops of color would be nice, but you don't need much of it.

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