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The Four Seasons: Spring Allegro

by Antonio Vivaldi
Album: Allegro (Concerto N. 1 "Spring")
Genre: Traditional

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gina says...
Love it for the processional! (I think) But love it.

Alexandria says...
I think this would be good for the recessional just because of how fast it is...I think i want my guests to take their time sitting and just to feel comfortable

Courtney says...
Bridal entrance. It's absoulutely magnificent, just like you.

Courtney says...
For now...I like this for Processional. Mom

Stephanie and Hugo says...
This is actually great for the dinner i want my entrance to be traditional and be the wedding march ^_^

Jess says...
I love this song, but not this style. We're playing this song mostly cause I'm a cello fanatic. ^^
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