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A Very Special Love

by Sounds of Blackness
Album: A Very Special Love
Genre: Rhythm and Blues

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you have given to me
an everlasting feeling inside
a feeling i can't hide
growing stronger everyday

can't explain how i feel
your love is very real
a heart has been fulfilled
a very special love

i can see the sun shine on a foggy day
and i can hear your voice calling miles away

sounds like music (yes it does)
a sweet melody
caressing my heart so gently, yeah yeah

can this really be true (can this be true)
i found someone like you
that feels the way i do
believing that love will come on through

you have given to me (you've given to me)
a special gift you see
noone else can truly be
a very special love

mountian is not so high
measured by the love you've given me
valley is not so low
if it's measured by the joy you've been to me

happiness is just another word
without the gift of love
that only you can give

loving you is easy (oh so easy)
i have a reason to smile
and smile again for a while
knowing you are always there

i'm so glad to know your name (yes)
to know someone who cares (someone who cares)
and cares for me to share (care)
a very special love

one who cares
a very special love
one who shares
a very special love
one who gives (special yeah)
a very special love
someone to live for
a very special love

love has really really been good
to spend my time with you
to share a dream or two
believing that they will all come true

this is not a coincidence (no, no, no, no)
but a planned happiness
the way that it was meant
a very special love

a very special special love

it's a really good love
it's a really good love
it's a really sweet love
it's a really sweet love
a very special special love

it's a really good love
a really good love
genuine love
sweet sweet love
a very special special love

(it's a really good love)
(really sweet love)
(sweet sweet love)
(really good love)

la la na na na repeat into fade

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Selo says...
The words of this song represent how I truly feel about my special love for my life partner. Very comforting.

Debbie says...
I like the length of this song for a first dance. Because it's long enough so you don't feel like it started and ended all too fast. I want that first dance to last forever! and the words are so nice too!

Jasmine says...
WoW i never even thought about the lenght thing thnx debbie! and this song is awesome E>

Lola says...
Perfect ....

VENUS says...
beautiful song! maybe too fast for my ideal bridal entrance song

Shiella says...
i love it... specially the beat...

Butterscotchchick says...
Love it! We will use it for our entrance to the reception, and for the lighting of our unity candle!

Katie  says...
I love this song! I will definatly be using it at my wedding! Probably be the first song played when I walk down the aisle.

bridgette says...
that is myself and my best friend forever
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