So who is doing their own makeup?? and what products are you using??
Thinking of using bare minerals?? do you think it will hold up through an outdoor ceremony in July??

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my BM is doing my makeup. We are getting Mac although usually I use clinique. She took makeup arts in school before going back to university to become a teacher. She said Mac is better cause they use less filler.

Im clueless I just said OK.

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I feel like I should Only because the girl i usually go to at mac wants $75 per person... That ridiculous...
My BM are already paying $130 for the dress plus shoes. (not sure yet)
and $50 for their hair...
Thats so much
BTW $300 to go to orlando

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My sister used Bare Minerals for her wedding. My Mom, myself and her had it done. It didn't last long on my - it was gone before the ceremony. I have oily skin so makeup doesn't last long in general. They also completely mismatched our face (too light) colors on my face and my Mom's face which looked weird in pictures.

I'm having Larissa Lake do my hair and makeup for our wedding. I hear great things about them and I will get to test them out next week when we have our engagement pictures taken.

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There is a previous post about bare minerals being worn on your wedding day and many people suggested not to wear it. it has minerals in it that reflexes the light and can bring difficulty for photographs. Many brides recommend Mac makeup, I haven't decided if I am doing my own or hiring a MUA.

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I'm doing my own and buying Mary Kay Makeup. I really like their concealer and foundation. I might use a different brand of eye makeup, but Mary Kay at least for the base and maybe the blush.

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I'm doing my own as well. I'm leaning towards MAC because that's what alot of MUA and photographers have been recommending....

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im to far away for this but ill tell you my opinion.

smashbox makes a photofinish primer which is great for using in pictures

i use mac make up every day (sorry bank account) and i think its worth the extra money, i like the way it makes my skin look, that being said it completely depends what you want to go for mac is a really heavy mac up but because of that you dont look shinny in photo's and i love the way my skin looks in pictures and the full coverage it provides. go get a trail done at mac?

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I'm getting my cousin to do my hair and makeup for me. I haven't figured out what makeup yet. Still working that out with her and my FH. I know I want a natural look with a slight dramatization of the eye, soft curls for the hair. Not sure if I'm dying my hair red again or getting nails....

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I'm probably doing mine since I'm really picky about my make up. I'm using Dinar which is air brush make up which is actually great to use for your wedding it last all day and it looks flawless.

MAC is great for eye shadows and blush and lipstick. But I don't like it for foundation for a wedding at least.

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My Mary Kay lady is doing mine. She is a Dr. and former dermatologist. She is now a licensed makeup artist. Since I am a regular customer, she charges $25 for day-of makeup.
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Girls use M.A.C. NO Bare Minerals. Exspecially if you are doing your own. M.A.C. has an amazing Pro Long Wear concealer.. it comes in a tiny squirt bottle. If you pump two pumps onto a small blush brush and put it on your face with that brush.. It will look like you used airbrush foundation, however last way longer and cover amazingly!! I also recommend an oil obsorbing powder by M.A.C. As well as a dewy bronzer called superb...You will love those products, and will never have to worry abou them coming off! ;)) Just make sure you go to a Pro M.A.C. store to buy these products ;))

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I am doing my own, I am using marykay. The mineral powder keeps you looking fresh, touch up with the mineral powder and your makeup is revived.

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I'm doing my own and had an appointment at Sephora where they helped me try all sorts of products. It was expensive, I spend $210 on products, but afterwards the makeup survived hiking and traveling back home on a 3 hr flight, so I know it's going to last!! I've got HD foundation that will double as concealer and a sample of the HD primer to use underneath, there's this white powder that goes on top to make it much more natural looking. I have eye makeup primer and eye shadow that is mostly Sephora's brand. I have some gel waterproof mascara, and clinique waterproof mascara. I also bought a little bottle of stabilizer to spritz on top of everything. I'm sorry I don't remember the brand names of everything, it was such a hodgepodge of stuff.

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I'm doing my own and using Bare Minerals. The makeup I'm wearing in this picture is Bare Minerals and I don't think I look washed out at all with the flash. I'm also pale anyway. Not sure if that has something to do with it...

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I'm doing my own! I have super sensitive eyes, and they always tear up a lot when anyone - even super experienced makeup artists - try to put eyeliner, shadow, eye shadow on. I will be using my favorite products, most of which are Clinique (best foundation for my skin) or Dior (Diorshow mascara = the best!). I will probably get my hair stylist (who also does makeup) to make sure everything looks good and in place before photo time.

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I plan on doing my own and I use MAC foundation and concealer on a normal basis, I know it looks really good in pictures. I'm going to use waterproof eyeliner and mascara (I have maybelline products) because I know I'll probably be tearing up some on the big day!

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I am having a friend do my makeup but using MakeUp Geek products.
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Alos, for eyeliner: M.A.C. Black Track eyeliner gel is amazing for eye liner... it is smudge proof.. so I would practice applying before your big day as well as it will not budge once it is on. ;))

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I'll be applying my own Bare Minerals before my indoor ceremony/reception this month. Even with my cheap-o flash camera, my skin looks normal with this makeup (I DO always apply it to my jawline and neck, and my chest, if it's showing). I don't trust it for all-day wear though, and am anticipating touch-ups here and there. It's also uncomfortable (to me) when I'm outdoors in the hot sun. Not sure how warm it's gonna be where you are, but in my experience, a liquid foundation feels much nicer during the middle of summer...

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i had a makeup artist do it. it came out beautifully
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