Reminder e-mail to RSVP before deadline?
My RSVP deadline is June 30th (in 8 days). I've received about 90 RSVPs from guests out of 190 invited guests. MOB says I should send a reminder e-mail this week because she has an appointment with the dessert vendor where she has to give a final count on June 26th. We're only doing online & call-in RSVPs. Should I send out a reminder before the deadline, or is it rude to remind people to respond before we requested? I'm also concerned that a lot of people will be out of town for 4th of July and we won't be able to reach them by phone until 10 or so days after the deadline. However, it just seems a little premature to send the reminders now. What do you guys think?

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had did a reminder like two days prior. And I still had to call and get in contact with people. They just do not RSVP at all. And it drives you nuts because everything you do is about the # of people that is attending. From the cake, tables, chairs, decorations, favors, etc. You will get more RSVP on the phone.

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I think it would be appropriate because sometimes people honestly forget that they haven't done it yet.

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You could send an email letting people know that even though you originally put June 30 as RSVP deadline, your vendor has requested final headcount sooner than expected. Please RSVP by June 25th.

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I did a reminder and it worked out well, wuite a few people RSVP'd!
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