How can i have my sisters be a part of my wedding??
My 2 sisters are coming from out of town and I want to include them in my wedding somehow! Not readers! Small ceremony! PLEASE HELP!!

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Bridesmaids? That's usually the traditional position for sisters in weddings

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If you're the groom (sorry lol Kris is a both ways name like Courtney is XD didnt even think about it) ask your fiance where she wants to use them. Maybe have them man the guestbook?

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I'm only having my daughter stand up for bridemaids..

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Include them in the rehearsal dinner and let them be part of the whole getting ready process with your and your daughter. Include them in some formal pictures and maybe give them each a flower to hold during the ceremony.

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Maybe make mention in the program about their love and support. Or if you are doing any unity ceremonies including them by having them light the candles for you and FH or something of the like.

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I would have them man the guestbook and greet people as they come in.

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Good ideas! Was thinking of guestbook so people would meet the candles etc...Thanks! :) Want them to have a special place!

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You can get them a corsage. My brothers gf isn't a BM because were not super close but i'm still getting her a corsage to let her know she's special to me :)

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they could be your ushers and hand out programs at the door to meet people.
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