Envelope Etiquette when the Husband is Away
So this is actually a three part question for you guys. One of our guest has a Marine husband away in Afghanistan. Even though we know he is not able to attend the wedding, do we still put his name on the envelope? Part 2: Also, my invites are printed in a lovely chocolaty brown ink, is it in poor taste to use a brown pen to address the envelopes? And part three: Also, I was thinking about ordering one of those cute stamps from Etsy.com with our return address on it, but I'be heard mixed things about using a stamp for your return address. Thanks for the helpful advice!

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I think you should include the husband even if he is in Afghanistan. You don't want your guest to think that her husband is not important. He may get leave during your wedding. I dont think its in poor taste to use brown ink on the envelopes and also have you thought about printing the address & return address from your computer?
It will take care of the pen color & buying a return address stamp.

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1. Yes, if you would like someone to be at your wedding send them an invite. Even if you already know for whatever the reason the person cannot attend, it is still courtesy to extend the invite. It shows that you are still including the person and leaves no question as to whether they would be invited if they could be there, etc.

2. IMO there is nothing wrong with using matching ink. I might not do it if it were hot pink or lime green, but since it is a darker color I think it's fine.

3. Not sure. IMO it depends on how "nice" they look.

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1. Yes put his name on the invite.

2. Go brown!

3. You can most likley get your return address printed on the envelope for about the same or even less than buying the stamp.
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I agree with Jaemi. I would either have the envelopes printed or use labels. A stamp is a good option, but they can look sloppy.

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Thanks guys. I defiantly want her to know that her husband is invited and we wish he could be there.

And I think I will go brown indeed.

The stationary company wanted to charge quite a bit to print the return address on the envelope. But the Etsy stamp was only $25, hmmm I should probably just pay for the addressing from the Stationary co.

Thanks again guys!

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I think the invitation should go to Mr. and Mrs. John Smith. The inner envelope would read Mr. and Mrs. Smith.
If you know her well, you can just ask her what she prefers.
As for the brown ink, I think it would be lovely.
And, I ordered a stamp on eBay (not for return address but to make favors, and decorations from). I am pleased with how it turned out. Just be careful using it and have spare envelopes in case you smear ink.
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