Destination vs Local Weddings
So Ive finally got my fiance to agree to a much smaller wedding guestlist, about 100 people. Ive also been thinking about having a destination wedding instead. My question is this, if i have a destination wedding but I still want to invite those 100 guest, is that wrong or stupid? Also we dont want to go anywhere out of the country, so does anyone have any ideas of some beautiful places we could go within the US? Ive been thinking about chicago, and maybe even Vegas...any and all help would be greatly appreciated...

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Chrissi, I officiate a LOT of destination weddings here. Most do not have 100 guests in attendance (but I don't know how many were invited). Usually there are anywhere from 4 (parents only) to 40 guests.

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I think it's fine to invite a hundred people.
Our wedding was a 6-8 hr drive from all my guests and all our friends. The only ones close were his family. We invited about 94 and 85 attended.

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You can invite as many as you want, but that many may not come. We used a distance wedding as an excuse to not invite everyone we have ever met. We were debating between local and destination and wrote a pro/con list. The pros for local were all about convenience, which in the end, we wanted more of that magical, vacation, fun vibe.

There are beautiful places in the US. What are you guys in to? Beach, mountains, Vegas, wine country, history- Boston, Philly, St Augustine?
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I think that's fine! Some great DW locations I looked up when we were throwing around the DW idea were Florida, Charleston, SC, and Hawaii. FH's brother had his DW on the Outer Banks in North Carolina and it was really nice.

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I think it is fine to invite 100 guest as long as its in your budget. Also depending on where you have it will determine whether those are able to make it or not.

What kind of wedding are you thinking depends on where to have it. Beach, mountains, lake, so many options.

We are having ours in Las Vegas at Caesars in the gardens but vegas has lots of options.

Happy planning!

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It's fine to invite the 100 people you want. Those who will not be able to come, will let you know.
What are you looking for with your destination? Are you looking at cityscape (you mentioned Chicago and Vegas), or something more serene and scenic? Where you have your wedding will also depend on your budget. I grew up in Chicago and also lived in Vegas. Both places are fun for weddings. I actually was thinking about both places to have my wedding and ended up choosing Milwaukee.

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well he LOVES the outdoors and I love romance. So if i did a DW i wanted to shoot for a beach wedding. We get married in Sept so im not sure how the weather will be, last year in michigan it was pretty and sunny. I dont expect all 100 to show up, quite frankly i think only about half of that would make the effort to attend. The reason for deciding on the DW was we just found out my brother and his fiance will be having their first child and is due 2 weeks before my wedding date. This may sound wrong, but for once i want the attention to just be focused on my FH and I. If i do a DW they most likely will not attend unless i do it close, like chicago. Ettiquette wise...what is expected if i do a DW as far as the budget goes? Dont most places do something like an all inclusives? Are there any websites that i could go to to get more information?

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We are inviting 100 people and our wedding is in VA, but we live in OK. Most of my family is from VA but I also have guests coming from TX, SC, PA, AL, and NY. The only thing to keep in mind is that some people may not be able to make it if they have to travel really far, so even though you invite 100 people you could end up with a lot less showing up. We expect around 80 to actually be able to make it (at most). Virginia has a lot of beautiful historical manors/mansions you can get married at if you are into that, but they can be kind of pricey. Alaska is gorgeous (I lived there for 3 years), and ANYONE can marry you (they don't have to do any class or anything like that). So that really opens up the possibilities of where you could get married because you don't have to pay for an officiant and you could possibly have a free venue if you do it outside.

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DW do not equal cheaper. The guest list is your biggest budget breaker or budget saver.

We are doing a DW to Key West and are spending over $50K to do it. We invited 220 and 89 are coming.

Don't take this the wrong way, but the reason for doing a DW should be because it's what you and FH want. Not because you want the focus to be on you.. it's your wedding day. It will be no matter where it is.

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@ Chrissi...Start by picking your top 2 or 3 places and google beach weddings. Also check out the vendor search on here. Thats where I started. Then look into the venues to see what is offered in thier wedding packages (ceremony location, offciant/minister, photography, offer reception and avarage head cost etc). Then you get an idea of how much will cost and compare to what you want to spend.

and dido what Lizz M said, guest list is the biggest budget breaker. Ours in Vegas for 30 guests should come out to 7K.
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No i understand what your saying @ Lizz M, and theyre are other reasons for that, but thats one of the biggest ones. My thing is this, FH and I do alot for other people and this is the first time that we are putting our opionions and what we want first. He doesnt care when or how we do it as long as its done...i guess the question then becomes what do I want...the idea of having a DW seems like a dream to me and im not sure what, detail wise, it all entails...and the websites that ive seen so far want you to book with them before giving you specific details about the hows and planning is hard LoL

Lady Firefly
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No way! they give you the details first before you book. They will write up a contract for you to review. Dont let them push you into something with out asking all the questions and getting the details!
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Lizz M.
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^ agreed. FH and I looked at 3 venues before we chose one. Same thing with photogs, florists, DJs... DO NOT book without seeing details!

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thats what i thought...But I see there is more to DW than i thought so i will most definantly investigate this more...thanks for all the help guys =)
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