bathroom amenity basket

On your list of must-dos, making a list of wedding bathroom basket ideas might seem pretty low on the list. Even so, this small gesture can go a long way in making your friends and family feel supported and welcomed to your big day. And if you are hopeful to have a large turnout to your next-day wedding brunch, this extra effort might save a few folks from massive open bar-induced hangovers.

From thoughtful items and necessary supplies to funny additions, here are our favorite wedding bathroom basket ideas.

First-Aid Helpers

No, a wedding isn’t dangerous—per se. But if you’re having a destination ceremony, it can be a time when your loved ones use the time to vacation, too. And since most "I do" celebrations include copious amount of booze, headaches, and sometimes even stomachaches can happen. To ensure everything is feeling at least somewhat up to their tip-top shape, consider buying some of these first-aid items as wedding bathroom basket ideas—just in case.

  • Band-aids for accidental cups or scrapes
  • Blister guards for all that dancing!
  • Travel-sized sunscreen and bug spray if you’re in a place with plenty of vitamin D
  • Ibuprofen or similar pain-relieving medicine
  • Alka Seltzer for upset tummies
  • Baby powder to help with sweaty feet

The Wardrobe Necessities

Even if your wedding isn’t black tie, most affairs require a bit of dressing up from normal daywear. And while you—and your guests—hope it won’t happen, those unfortunate rips and spills are bound to happen on your special day. To safeguard garments and embarrassment, include these among your wedding bathroom basket ideas.

  • Stain remover pen for red wine stains
  • Mini sewing kits for accidental rips
  • Body tape to keep everything inside of a dress
  • Mini mouthwashes to prepare for the ample greetings
  • Aerosol deodorant which is better for sharing among guests
  • Safety pins for on-the-go malfunctions
  • Mini lint rollers for fly-aways

The Extra Stuff

Are these necessary? Probably not. But if your budget allows—and you want to add a bit of humor to your wedding—these are fun wedding bathroom basket ideas. This allows you to create a bit of a personalized touch that will make your best friends and treasured family members feel that much more special.

  • For the next couple that’s about to get engaged—a manicure set with a note.
  • For the single folks who are ready to mingle—condoms.
  • For the little ones in your wedding party—diapers and baby wipes

The Vessel

So now that you have your list of wedding bathroom basket ideas, how do you choose its vessel? In the age of social media (especially Instagram stories), whatever you present for your wedding, you can bet will be shared by someone, somewhere. Even if it is a loose connection, any tie-in will marry (ha—get it?) all elements of your special day together. So when you’re shopping, match the feel of your bathroom amenity favor to the rest of theme by using similar colors and textures. And hey, if a basket isn’t exactly "on brand" for you, don’t worry. There are plenty of other options that fit the bill. Here, a few to consider:

  • An old wine crate for a rustic-feeling wedding
  • A white or clear vanity tray for a sleek, minimalist wedding
  • A small shipping container for an ultra modern wedding
  • A beach bag for a tropical destination wedding