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Photo: NeriPhoto

If you went to a wedding but didn’t Instagram it, did it really happen? Social media has made its way into pretty much every aspect of our lives, including this most special of events. While it’s perfectly reasonable to desire a Facebook and Twitter-free environment for just a few hours, we believe your wedding is not the time for such an idea.

Read on for six reasons why social media at a wedding is a good idea, then go charge up that smart phone.

#Hashtags are the coolest
They’re also the easiest way to access every single pic from your wedding in one stream, so be sure to use one! If you need tips on how to create one, head here and then go to our hashtag generator to get started. After you’ve created your hashtag, make sure guests know about it. Put in on your wedding website and display it on fun signs throughout the ceremony and reception. You’re bound to get tons of candids.

You can be in the moment without missing a moment
Being the guests of honor is hard work. You’ve got to make the rounds to friends and family you haven’t seen in ages, and because of it, you may miss something hilarious in the opposite corner of the dance floor. If your college friends are snapping pictures while you’re schmoozing with Great Aunt Myrtle, you’ll be able to catch up on all the action later on.

You can be a celebrity for a day
Think of yourself as the resident Kim Kardashian of your wedding. People will be snapping pics of you and your spouse doing everything from exchanging vows to first dancing to stealing kisses. Sounds a little overwhelming, perhaps, but who hasn’t secretly wanted a taste of the Hollywood life?

Or you can share photos without cluing in your extended network
Looking for a more private way to share photos? One that’s, say, reserved just for your wedding guests? There’s an app for that: WedSocial! Connect it to your WeddingWire wedding website and guests can easily upload shots in one easy-to-access location.

Wedding pics > Brunch Pics
Let’s face it: All of us have fallen victim to the foodie takeover on Instagram. Pictures of bloody marys and kale salads clog our feeds and not only make us hungry, but annoy us. That’s why it’s important for newlyweds to fire back—with their wedding pics! Nobody can argue that those are much more sentimental and aww-worthy than a pasta dish from the local Italian place.

It’ll be easy (and affordable!) to decorate after you celebrate
What better way to liven up your home together than with pictures of your wedding day? It’s easy to turn Instagrams into keepsakes using sites like Prinstagram and Shutterfly, which transform smart phone snaps into everything from fridge magnets to wall calendars. Added bonus: friends will be delighted when they drop by and see their pics on the shelves.