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6 Tips for Coming Up With a Creative Wedding Hashtag

One of the best ways to show your social media savvy at your wedding is to come up with an creative wedding hashtag. Here are some of our top tips for creating a hashtag.

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Back in the day, planning a wedding was over once you had the food, decor, music and wardrobe. In our modern age, however, there’s one more crucial detail no couple should forget: The hashtag! Unless you’re shooting for an unplugged wedding, a creative wedding hashtag is a must-have to keep all of your guests’ social media snaps safely stored online, so you can go back to look at them again and again, to your heart’s content. A really good and creative wedding hashtag will get maximum hits from your guests and result in tons of pics for you to look back on after your wedding, while a not-so-great one could go forgotten, meaning fewer memories of your big day frozen in time. Don’t let the latter happen to you!

Follow these tips to come up with a totally creative wedding hashtag.

Make it Memorable

You know those radio jingles you used to hear all the time in the 90s and can still recite word-for-word today? You remember them because they were engineered to be catchy! Create your wedding hashtag to be the same, and your guests will be able to remember it more easily, yielding way more hits. Playing on puns, alliteration, movie titles, references to your venue’s unique setting and more will help make your hashtag stick out in your guests’ minds.

Keep it Unique

So you’re about to become Mr. and Mrs. Smith—amazing hashtag alert, right? Wrong—plug that into Instagram and prepare to be blitzed with pics from about 100 other Mr. and Mrs. Smith weddings, all of whom thought that was the cleverest hashtag ever. Make sure your tag has an element of uniqueness to it so you can “own” it online, that way your wedding album stays clear of other couples’ photos now and well in the future.

Get Some Help

Feeling like it’s a gargantuan task to strike that perfect balance between creating clever wedding hashtags and one that’s 100% one-of-a-kind? Don’t go it alone! Simply plug a few bits of essential info into our genius Wedding Hashtag Generator, click “Show me the Hashtags!” and you’ll get a curated assortment of creative wedding hashtags, customized just for you! Use one for your big day, or use your results as thought-starters to get your creative juices flowing. Want new options? Just change some of the variables to change up your results.

Think Short and Sweet

Creative doesn’t have to mean complicated! In fact, the longer a wedding hashtag is, the more likely guests (especially those who have taken extra advantage of your open bar) will spell something wrong or miss a letter while typing it in, and inadvertently leave their snapshots out of the album. So, don’t get carried away with a hashtag that tells your entire love story, is written in a complete sentence, or uses way too many syllables. Less is definitely more in the social media game (which is exactly why we all get sick of videos after watching the first 10 seconds…).

Promote Your Tag

Once you’ve settled on a creative wedding hashtag you love, advertise it! Include it on your wedding invitations, and make sure it’s present in decorative elements at your bachelor/bachelorette parties, engagement party, shower, rehearsal dinner, and of course, your wedding day. It doesn’t have to be advertised in a tacky way—consider sneaking the hashtag in small type on places like programs, menus, table numbers, napkins and coasters, or even onto the backs of your photo booth printouts. The more guests see your hashtag throughout the day and night of your wedding, the higher the chance they’ll use it!

Start Using Your Tag ASAP

People are more likely to contribute to a hashtag if they see that others already have. Long before your wedding day, post some of your engagement photos (or just cute snapshots of the two of you together if you didn’t do an e-shoot!) using your hashtag, and be sure to add a few more in the months leading up to your wedding. Capture planning milestones (like when you go cake tasting!) and some fun moments from important pre-wedding events like your bachelor or bachelorette parties and shower, and add your creative wedding hashtag to those, too. It’ll familiarize your followers and future wedding guests to your clever wedding hashtag, and it’ll get your hashtag photo album rolling for the big day!