wedding selfie

Photo: Kane and Social

Sharing a post-wedding photo to Instagram and on WedSocial is a great way for you to announce your marriage to your social media followers. But when it comes to posting that one perfect picture to sum up your entire wedding day, you want to make sure it counts! We're here to help!

Get lots of love on your wedding-gram by checking out these tips:

The Photo
First, pick a photo that is flattering of both you and your S.O. We suggest going through your guests’ photos to see if any are regram worthy. This can either be a cutesy candid photo from your recessional, or one of you two getting cozy at the sweetheart table. Just make sure you choose a photo that reflects who you are as a couple. Or, if you are lucky, you can ask your photographer to upload a photo from the day. They are usually very quick at putting up a teaser photo from your wedding, which would be a great option to 'gram.

The Filter
Choosing a filter is a must, but it is probably the most tricky when trying to find the perfect one. You may find yourself sifting through each filter comparing and contrasting each until you get so overwhelmed you have to put the phone down. But don’t get discouraged. Applying a filter will create the look and feel you want. If you want a more softer photo go with Hudson, Rise or Gingham. XPro III, Lo Fi and Hefe will let you achieve a more pronounced photo with awesome contrast or you can even add color to your photo with Toaster, 1977 and Kelvin. You also can adjust each filter by sliding your finger across the brightness feature.

The Tools
After you pick your filter, tap the tools section where you’ll find more features that will help you edit your photo. Add definition with the Structure and Sharpen feature or provide shadows with the Vignette and Shadow features. These tools let you be editor and will help you find the exact feature to use.

The Hashtag
Finally you can make your hashtag official by using your personalized wedding hashtag! But don’t stop there. Feel free to get creative and have a little fun with your hashtags, too.

The Tagging
Make sure to tag your S.O. so they can have the photo on their account, but don't stop there. Tag your venue by adding the location to your photo. People who follow that account will then see your lovely wedding insta and may get some inspiration from your wedding! And of course, don't forget to tag @weddingwire—we might regram your gorgeous pic!

The Timing
The last step is making sure to post your fab photo at the right time. If you post your photo late at night, it may get missed by those who are already in bed. Wait until the afternoon after your wedding when people are usually on their phone. They will be pleasantly surprised when your wedding photo pops up.