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The Most Romantic Photos From Real Weddings

From happy tears and giggles to kisses and sweet embraces, these photos are guaranteed to make you smile!

couple posing with scenic waterfall backdrop

couple posing with scenic waterfall backdrop

Photo: Photos by Miss Ann

From happy tears and giggles to kisses and sweet embraces, these moments are guaranteed to make you smile. Get ready to feel the love!

Here are some of our favorite romantic photos from real weddings.

formal bride and groom candid pose

Photo: Vicki Grafton Photography

We have one word for the bride's mantilla veil: stunning!

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cute bride and groom candid pose

Photo: Dina Remi Studios

This adorable couple got married at the bride's grandparents' home. What could be sweeter?

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bride and groom rainy wedding day

Photo: Pasha Belman Photography

If it rains on your wedding day, take a cue from this couple and don't let it get you down!

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bride and groom in vineyard at sunset

Photo: Savanna Sutton Photography

Strolling through a vineyard at sunset? Instant romance.

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bride and groom sparkler send-off

Photo: Alena Bakutis Photography

A sparkler send-off is hands down the most romantic way to finish your wedding in style.

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bride and groom kiss surrounded by wedding party

Photo: Ahava Studios

The bride and groom shared a kiss surrounded by her besties!

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bride and groom kiss under umbrella at night

Photo: Sam Stroud Photography

This magical moment turned out to be one of the couple's favorite photos from the wedding (we can totally see why).

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bride and groom candid pose on porch swing

Photo: Eternal Sight Photography

The brand new Mr. and Mrs. snuck away for a private moment at their vintage garden wedding.

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bride and groom romantic candid pose in a field

Photo: Dawn Derbyshire Photography

An open field and a beautiful sky set the scene for this peaceful, intimate moment.

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bride and groom first look

Photo: Randy + Ashley

The feeling when you finally see your S.O. during the first look: priceless.

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indian bride and groom during ceremony

Photo: Origin Photos

We love how we can feel this couple's excitement from the way they're looking at each other!

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bride and groom kiss at sunset

Photo: Brandy Angel Photography

Sometimes, simple is sweeter. These lovebirds exchanged their vows in front of 33 guests at sunset. Swoon!

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grooms walking outside

Photo: The Harris Company, Photo and Cinema

We love that these grooms opted to wear matching tuxedos (except for their ties!) on their wedding day.

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cute bride and groom kiss on the cheek

Photo: Off BEET Productions

This bride's happiness is so contagious!

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bride and groom backyard wedding

Photo: Story & Rhythm

It doesn't get more romantic than this: The bride and groom were married at their very own home.

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newlyweds at sunset near ocean

Photo: A. Blake Photography

Even with a stunning sunset backdrop, these newlyweds only had eyes for each other!

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newlyweds cute pose just married

Photo: Mandy Owens Wedding Photography

The way this groom looks at his bride makes our hearts flutter!

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brides during first dance

Photo: Willow Noavi Photography

These brides totally savored the moment and danced like no one else was watching. So sweet!

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bride and groom beach wedding in hawaii

Photo: Megan Clouse Photography

This groom was so excited that he picked up his bride and spun her around!

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couple pose at sunset wedding in greece

Photo: HannaMonika Wedding Photography

An oceanfront wedding is romantic no matter what, but an oceanfront wedding in Greece? Even better!

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rainy day military wedding

Photo: Meg Ann Photography

These newlyweds snuck a kiss while they waited for the rain to stop.

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private waterfall wedding in iceland

Photo: Photos by Miss Ann

Imagine getting married on a seculded hilltop in Iceland—with a waterfall as your backdrop. We can't picture a more stunning location!

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bride and groom almost first look

Photo: Sugar + Soul Photography

They can't see each other, but we can feel the bride and groom's excitement from their "almost" first look.

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bride and groom pose on a hill at sunset

Photo: Vitaly M Photography

The light, the scenery, the veil... this moment is like something straight out of a movie.

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