dad walking bride down the aisle

Photo: Jasmine Rose Photography

Some of the best moments from real weddings include those that happen with dear ol' dad—everything from emotional first looks to sweet, sentimental first dances.

Keep reading to see a dozen of our favorites!

sand unity ritual during ceremony

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"It was lightly sprinkling on and off the day of the wedding," Hayley said. "During the ceremony, right as I was asked to repeat my vows, there was a giant roll of thunder (the only one we heard all day), and I knew it was my dad sending us a little love from above."

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dad crying during first look with daughter

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This dad's emotional reaction to seeing his daughter in her wedding gown definitely had us a little teary-eyed.

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dad and bride arrive in a carriage

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This bride's family surprised her with a horse-drawn carriage that was waiting to whisk her (and her dad) off to the ceremony.

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father of the bride with groom at ceremony

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This groom and the father of the bride kicked off the ceremony with a fist bump!

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bride visits dad in hospital on wedding day

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The week before the wedding, the bride's father had a successful, life-saving transplant. He wasn't able to attend the ceremony in person, so the bride and groom paid him a visit at the hospital on their way to the wedding.

"We feel very fortunate that my dad got his health and we were able to get his blessing before we walked down the aisle!" the bride said.

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dad walking bride down the aisle

Photo: Jasmine Rose Photography

"Right before they opened the doors for us to walk down the aisle, my dad looked at me and started to cry," Lauren said. "Then I started crying, and we just took a moment together to breathe. It was so special."

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groom walking down the aisle with son and daughter

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It doesn't get much cuter than this. The groom walked down the aisle hand-in-hand with the couple's two young children on his way to the altar.

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emotional father-daughter dance

Photo: Amanda May Photos

"I'm not much of a dancer, so having a dance was not a part of the planned events on my wedding day," says Evelyn. "After the garter and bouquet toss, I grabbed my father's hand and asked my brother to play the song 'Cherish' by The Association. This is a song that my dad sang to me as a little girl, and we have home videos of my father dancing with me as a baby and singing it to me. He sang me the song while we danced and it was one of the most special moments of my day and still brings tears to my eyes thinking of it. I'm so glad that it happened."

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two brides during ceremony

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"Despite the fact that neither Liz or myself is Jewish, we were actually married under a chuppah," Kathleen said. "The chuppah was extremely significant to both of us, as it was made by my late stepfather. It was the one he married my mom under. Even though my stepdad wasn’t there physically, it was such a comfort to have something he built be such a focal point of our ceremony. I still smile every time I look at our wedding photos and see his beautiful craftsmanship. It’s a reminder that he was there, watching over the entire day."

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father of the bride hugs groom during ceremony

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After giving his daughter a kiss on the cheek, this dad embraced his future son-in-law with a heartfelt hug.

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bride and dad first look

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One of the most memorable moments for this bride was her first look with her father, who surprised her by wearing his Marine Corps dress blues.

"My dad completely surprised me!" Hailey said. "He even rented a tux, came by the bridal suite earlier in the day in his tux to check in, and then at our first look, I turn around to my handsome dad in his dress blues."

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Photo: Heather Rice Photography

The couple took a moment to say a prayer at the altar while holding hands with the father of the bride.

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