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7 Fun and Romantic Wedding-Planning Activities You Can Do at Home

Combine a date night in with gearing up for your big day with these romantic wedding-planning activities you can do at home.

couple dancing in house
4pm Production/Shutterstock

couple dancing in house
4pm Production/Shutterstock

Engaged couples who are spending a lot more time at home these days are often stretched pretty thin—between working, cleaning, cooking, exercising, and yes, wedding planning, finding time to enjoy some romantic activities at home can feel near impossible. But, turns out there are ways to combine a date night with checking a few items off your wedding planning checklist (and we’re not talking about working on your guest list). Of course, we encourage you to take breaks from wedding planning as needed, but if you’re in the mood to have a fun night with your spouse-to-be, and do something wedding related, we’re totally here for you.

Check out these romantic activities you can do at home that are totally wedding-planning approved.

Practice your first dance.

We all know that exercise boosts your mood, and one way to get moving and get ready for your wedding is by practicing your first dance. Whether you want to plan an intricate choreographed number or are okay just holding each other and swaying, it’s a good idea to practice your moves so you’ll feel extra-comfortable on the big day. And, dancing together is a super-romantic way to spend some time—bonus!

Test out signature cocktails.

Enjoying a favorite beverage with your love is a romantic activity you can do at home—so why not experiment with some fun signature cocktails that you can eventually serve on your big day? Ask your caterer or bar service to provide some cocktail recipes that you can create at home—and then have a taste test to pick your favorites. You can even brainstorm some creative signature cocktail names to personalize the drinks even more.

Enjoy an at-home cake tasting.

Some wedding cake bakers are creating at-home cake testing kits for couples, allowing you and your future spouse to have all of the fun of a cake tasting from the comfort of your own home. Your cake baker will pair different cake and filling flavors so that you can enjoy the sweet treats—and decide which one is best for your wedding-day dessert. For more of a risqué touch, try blindfolding and feeding each other the treats.

Try out ceremony readings.

Planning your wedding ceremony is definitely a task you can check off your list from home. If you’re interested in including some ceremony readings into your ceremony, pick a few favorites and read them to each other. The readings can be funny, emotional, sweet, or unique, but reading them directly to your partner, looking into each others’ eyes, turns this wedding-planning task into a totally romantic activity.

Try on wedding attire.

Yes, tradition dictates that you’re not to supposed to see your future spouse in his or her wedding attire until the big day. But times have changed, and particularly if your wedding plans have been postponed, you might want to give your partner a sneak peek. Not into doing a pre-wedding first look? Put on your rehearsal dinner attire or other clothing you were supposed to wear to pre-wedding events for a fancy dinner for two.

Pamper each other.

If you and your partner are in need of a little self-care (who isn’t these days?), create an in-home spa for a little pre-wedding pampering. Yes, face masks and mani/pedis are nice, but indulging each other in a little massage (complete with oils and candles to set the mood) can turn this spa experience into a sexy good time.

Plan your dream honeymoon.

Many couples have placed their honeymoon plans on hold for the time being, but that doesn’t mean you and your future spouse can’t start to research locations and think about lodging, restaurants, activities, and more. While right now you and your partner may be stuck at home, there’s nothing wrong with dreaming about the future when you’re able to take that trip of a lifetime.