last minute wedding checklist

Picture it: Your dress is bagged and hanging in the car. You’ve got all your accessories carefully packed along with it. Your bridesmaid gifts are wrapped and stacked in the trunk. Your vendors have all been called and scheduled and know exactly where they need to be, and when. Even your partner has their crap together—for once. (Wink!). The two of you feel officially ready to fly out the door, hop into the car and cruise on into your wedding weekend! But wait: There might be a few things missing from your last-minute wedding checklist. Essential things that could make or break your big day! (Not to be alarmist or anything…)

Do yourself a favor and read over this last-minute wedding checklist before you head out for your big weekend.

A Handheld Steamer

I can’t promise you sunshine on your wedding day, but I can promise you one thing: Wrinkles. In your own dress (no matter how meticulously pressed it comes back to you from the seamstress), in your bridesmaids’ dresses, in your partner’s look and their attendants’ outfits, in your mother’s dress… you see where I’m going with this. Travel + stress + hasty packing just yields wrinkles, and everyone wants to look pressed and proper for the wedding pics, so grab a handheld steamer on Amazon (they’re really affordable!) and include it on your last-minute wedding checklist. On your big day, assign steaming duties to a bridesmaid or family member while everyone else is getting ready—it’ll be a quick job since steamers are easy-to-use, way faster than ironing, and very effective. You could even use it to help smooth out decor elements like drapery or table runners in a pinch!

Your Checkbook

Who uses checks anymore? People getting married, that’s who! In the hustle and bustle of week-before wedding prep, you may forget to chuck your checkbook into your bag, especially since this late in the game, most of your outstanding balances with vendors have been paid. But don’t forget: You’ve still got to tip! Tips are usually dispersed on the morning of the wedding, and having a checkbook (or cash!) handy is key to saving yourself a rushed trip to an ATM when you’re busy getting bride-d up. If you’re the planning type, write up all your tip checks beforehand, pack them in envelopes labeled with the corresponding names of your vendors, and slip the envelopes somewhere you won’t forget, like into a garment bag of one of the outfits you’re packing.

A Next-Day Bag

Storytime! I totally blanked on packing a change of clothes for the day after my wedding, so I had to do a walk of shame in the hotel lobby that fateful morning wearing my over-the-top, low-cut white jumpsuit that was strictly meant for my bonfire after-party. Not a good look (the hangover didn’t help). Don’t be this bride: Pack a little tote with something comfy and low-key you change into the next morning, complete with undies, a hairbrush and hair tie, and any other basics you’ll be glad to see come morning light, and toss it in your car before you head out to kick off your wedding weekend (you will not have time to do this as soon as the festivities kick off!). Ask a trusted confidant to make sure that bag ends up wherever you do on your wedding night, and sleep easy knowing you won’t be showing up at the continental breakfast in your $5,000 illusion lace mermaid.

Extra Underpinnings

No matter how strategically you plan your double-stick tape and Spanx approach, come the morning of your wedding, all bets are off! Not to mention, all of your bridesmaids will suddenly need to tape their dresses on, also. Or someone will bring a bra that doesn’t work with their dress. Or someone will sweat their tape off (or you will sweat your tape off). So, bring a little extra of everything. Grab some basic, one-size-fits all nude thongs, pasties and an extra roll or 20 of double-stick body tape and toss it all into your trunk. Not bringing these items is simply a risk not worth taking (and you can pass it all on to your next friend getting married if it goes unused!).

Backup Phone Chargers

There will be some phone charging time during your wedding day (during the moment when you’re getting ready) but you’ll probably want your phone nearby, not yoked to an outlet across the room. You also won’t want to be competing for outlet space with seven ‘maids and two photo-happy mothers-of-the-bride. So, having some charging banks (charged up and ready to go) on your last-minute wedding checklist will pay off big time! Bring a few so you and your partner each have one, and then you can lend one out to someone in need. That way, everyone can be in touch throughout the day, be able to navigate to wedding destinations, capture photos and of course, post to social media, sans three-percent battery life panic attacks!