Sure, your honeymoon is supposed to be a luxurious adventure, but you don’t have to completely blow your budget in the process. We asked travel experts from around the country to share their top money-saving tips for honeymoons.

Check out what the top travel experts had to say about budgeting for your honeymoon.


Book early

"Gone are the good old days of last minute deals at fabulous resorts! You'll find the best pricing and availability at 9 months out from your travel dates as resorts offer early booking specials. Plus the best resorts and rooms sell out early, by booking early you get first pick of the best resorts, those who wait are stuck with higher prices on what's left! Don't let that person be you!” - Jennifer Prymula of Sand & Sun Vacations in Allegan, Michigan

Be willing to compromise on timing

"If you can wait a few extra weeks before starting your honeymoon, you may be able to save a bundle, or even add more nights without adding more cost. Let your agent know you are flexible on travel dates so he/she can look for the best value for you.” - Shelli Nornes of Shelli's Travel

Avoid weekends

“Travel mid-week, as opposed to on a weekend.- Stacy Evos of A Girl's Gotta Go in Cambridge, Massachusetts

Create a honeymoon registry

"Couples who register their honeymoon getaway receive an average of $2,500 in gift money to spend on their honeymoons.” - Jenn Ferch of LoveShack Vacations in Brunswick, Ohio

Check the airfare first

"Airfare is the biggest variable with the most volatility in price. As you think about locations and timing for your travel, airfare costs can have huge swings sometimes based simply on departing one day earlier or later. Does your destination require a layover or perhaps two as opposed to a destination that has a direct flight? Not only will you possibly save money you will also save some of your precious time.” - Randi Scatena of RanJan Travel in Dresher, Pennsylvania

Avoid traveling during busy times

"Planning your flight schedule ahead of time means more affordable rates and less crowded airports. Your travel agent can tell you when is the best time to travel and offer advice on when to arrive at the airport.” - Jenn Ferch of LoveShack Vacations in Brunswick, Ohio


Go all-inclusive

"By far the best value is an all-inclusive resort. Honeymoons are about relaxing, no stress, ease and yes, indulgence. An all-inclusive resort will allow you enjoy every part of your honeymoon without fretting over the bill.” - Shelli Nornes of Shelli's Travel

Purchase travel insurance

"You never know what can happen and the few extra dollars you pay for the insurance can result in a lot of savings if you have to cancel or your trip is delayed for reasons beyond your control.” - Stacy Evos of A Girl's Gotta Go in Cambridge, Massachusetts

Hire a travel agent

“My biggest money-saving tip is to use a respected travel professional. Planning romantic travel is what I do. I know the what, the where and why of booking different resorts and destinations. I know what's hot and what's not, what's overrated and what's underrated. I know how and where to find the best value for their budget.” - Diane Bean of Off On Vacation Travel in Bangor, Maine

Seek out the hidden gems

"Resorts and hotels want honeymooners and will often throw something in to entice you. Many places offer special incentives but you won’t get them unless you ask! They may provide free room upgrades, hotel or spa credits, honeymoon gift baskets in your room, special concierge services, a free or special excursion etc. Your travel agent can be an invaluable resource here as well.” - Randi Scatena of RanJan Travel in Dresher, Pennsylvania

Look at the value, not the price

"An experienced agent will know when a resort is a great value. Maybe it is the food quality, or the room type, or the added amenities you’ll get. Don’t look just at the dollar amount. Look closely at everything you’re getting before making a decision. Option A may cost $500 more than Option B, but if you’re getting $1500 in free amenities and upgrades, Option A is a better value.” - Shelli Nornes of Shelli's Travel

Incentive deals may be available

"Depending on your timing flexibility, you can shop for great deals at top destinations provided by the hotels, resorts and tour providers. If you have an absolute favorite place and it’s out of your price range, have your travel agent ask if and when they will running any incentive deals. If they will be and that time works for you, then you will have gotten your dream location at the very best price.” - Randi Scatena of RanJan Travel in Dresher, Pennsylvania

“When in the destination take advantage of the local brands, products, and fare that are usually less expensive, such as beer, wine, and local food products.” - Stacy Evos of A Girl's Gotta Go in Cambridge, Massachusetts