Wedding Ceremony

The wedding ceremony is your big moment, and deserves just as much careful attention as the rest of your celebration. After all, saying “I do” is what makes you married! From writing your vows to choosing the perfect officiant, we’ve got the advice and insight you need to make your ceremony truly memorable.

Vows & Readings

The Wedding Vows Template You Totally Need (Admit It)

We know that finding the right words to recite is NOT the easiest feat, so we've put together a wedding vows template to help you write the most memorable words.

By Caitlin Krebs, August 24, 2018


14 Jewish Wedding Traditions and What They Mean

There are so many Jewish wedding traditions to be aware of when planning your big day. Here's a list of the most common ones to help you get started.

By Kim Forrest, June 13, 2018


How to Style a Jewish Wedding Chuppah for Modern Weddings

Check out some of the inventive ways modern couples are styling a Jewish wedding chuppah to grab some inspo for your own ceremony.

By Whitney Teal, June 13, 2018


11 Questions a Wedding Officiant is Going to Ask You

You may have lots of questions for your wedding officiant—but they’re also going to have questions for you! Make sure you’re well-prepared and have your answers ready!

By Jaimie Mackey, June 7, 2018


Important Thai Wedding Traditions Explained

Whether you’re Thai American and want to recognize your roots with a Thai wedding, or you’ve been invited to one, you’ll want to know these important customs.

By Whitney Teal, May 23, 2018


How to Attend Your First Chinese Wedding

Your first Chinese wedding will feature some traditions and customs you may not be familiar with, so be sure to prepare before the big day.

By Alex Reardon, May 21, 2018


How Harry and Meghan's Wedding Differed from Will and Kate's

Just over seven years apart, the two royal weddings were vastly different from one another. Here's how Harry and Meghan's wedding was set apart from Will and Kate's.

By Anne Chertoff, May 21, 2018


Japanese Wedding Customs First-Time Guests Need to Know

Before heading to your first Japanese wedding, prepare yourself with this guide to customs and traditions you might see.

By Whitney Teal, May 9, 2018


Korean Wedding Customs Guests Should Definitely Know

If you’ve been invited to your first Korean wedding, read up on the unique customs and traditions you’re likely to experience.

By Whitney Teal, May 8, 2018


Ghanaian Traditional Wedding Customs Guests Should Know

Wondering what to expect at your first Ghanaian traditional wedding? We’ll clue you in on what first-time guests should know.

By Whitney Teal, May 4, 2018


African Wedding Customs to Know As a First-Time Guest

Learn what to expect before attending your first African wedding. Just remember that customs vary a lot throughout the various religions and ethnic groups of the continent.

By Whitney Teal, April 24, 2018


5 Major Mexican Wedding Traditions, Explained

Incorporate your Mexican heritage into your wedding with any of these symbolic Mexican wedding traditions.

By Whitney Teal, April 18, 2018


Modern Muslim Wedding Ideas for Ultra-Trendy Couples

No matter your wedding style, you’ll want to check out these super chic and meaningful wedding ideas.

By Whitney Teal, February 5, 2018

Wedding Ceremony

The 2018 Wedding Ceremony Songs You’ll Love for Your Big Day

From prelude to postlude, and every moment in between, consider your 2018 wedding ceremony songs officially covered.

By Stephanie Weers, January 29, 2018


The Royal Wedding Traditions & Etiquette You Need to Know

The wedding of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle is sure to bring about some royal wedding fever! Looking for inspiration? Here are some royal wedding traditions and etiquette to weave into your own big day.

By Anne Chertoff, November 27, 2017


6 Things 'My Big Fat Greek Wedding' Got So Right

Many traditional Greek Orthodox wedding customs made their way into the hilarious rom-com 'My Big Fat Greek Wedding.'

By Whitney Teal, November 21, 2017