Bridesmaid  Getting Ready

There's no arguing that the bachelorette party (and bachelorette party planning, for that matter) can be one of the most fun parts of the entire pre-wedding experience, for both the bride and her attendants. The bachelorette party isn't just a time to celebrate the woman getting married — it's also a great excuse to reunite old friends who now live far apart, as well as introduce bridesmaids who might not know each other before the actual wedding itself. Plus, it's just downright fun. Planning this epic bachelorette party, however, can take a lot of effort, and it can become increasingly complicated if there are a lot of people involved.

Here are the bachelorette party rules to live by when planning this single girl soirée.

1. You can invite other people besides the bridesmaids

Obviously all the bridesmaids are going to be on the bachelorette party guest list, but there are probably other people in the bride’s life that she’ll want to include. Whether it be family members or other close friends, be sure to ask the bride if she has anyone outside the bridal party she wants on the guest list. There’s no limit on how many people can celebrate the bride. Remember: the more the merrier!

2. Everyone's budget is going to be different

Once you've finalized the bachelorette party group, it's good to get an idea of everyone's budget. Those who have a further distance to travel may not have as much to spend on the actual event, while those who are closer to the destination will likely have a bigger budget. Create a Facebook group or email thread with all the attendees and try to get a read on what everyone is comfortable with spending before deciding on what you'll be doing for the bachelorette party itself.

3. You'll be covering some of the bride's expenses

Since the bride is the guest of honor, you will likely be responsible for some of her costs. It's totally up to the group as to what those things are. Will you treat her to a nice hotel room or will you be taking care of the bill at the restaurant? Again, get a read on what everyone is comfortable with before the celebration so people aren't blindsided when they have to pay more. The bride will definitely appreciate your contribution, no matter what it is!

4. The bride has a say in the activities

Remember to consult her and see what kind of bachelorette party she wants! She might want something more low-key than a weekend-long rage fest. Don't hit the ground running with any ideas until you get a sense of what she wants. When you begin the bachelorette party planning process, be sure to check in with her occasionally to make sure she approves of what you've got planned. Take our quiz if you're stumped on what to do.

5. You can still have fun without partying hard

If the bride isn't a fan of late nights in crowded bars, she can still have a memorable bachelorette party! Plan a relaxing trip to a nearby vineyard followed by dinner at her favorite restaurant. Want something even more low-key? Head to a spa for a weekend of pampering. If she does want to leave town, Nashville and Vegas are popular choices, but there are plenty of other cities that you can enjoy. Check out our list of the most popular bachelorette party destinations.

6. It doesn't have to be a weekend-long celebration

If it's too hard to gather everyone for a weekend-long destination bachelorette party, a night out can be just as fun. You can plan a handful of local activities in one evening if people can't get away for multiple days. Between drinks, dinner, and dancing, there are plenty of opportunities to have a blast for just one night. You can rent a limo or party bus to take you around, or you can rent out a space just for your group if you don't want to deal with crowds. The options are endless for a one-night celebration.

7. It’s not about you

Remember when you're bachelorette party planning, the trip is all about the bride. If there are certain activities on the agenda you're not crazy about, try to make the most of it. The bride wanted you by her side on the big day for a reason and you should be fully supportive of however she wants to spend her bachelorette party. If you're not the biggest fan of another bridesmaid, try to keep it to yourself. Drama will only create stress for the bride, so try to keep an open mind.