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8 Things You Can Only Do When You're Engaged

Check out our top 8 activities you can get away with doing only while you’re engaged.

couple kissing in field

couple kissing in field

Photo: Aga Jones Photography

If you’re a member of the Just Engaged Club, congrats! This is such a special and unique time—and you and your future spouse deserve to celebrate! There are lots of things you can and should do after the proposal, both big and small. While you don’t have to start planning your wedding right away (and that’s totally okay!), those who just got engaged may want to start thinking about their future nuptials to help make the process easier later on.

Just engaged? Check out our top 8 activities you can get away with doing.

Shout it from the rooftops 

You’re engaged! Now what? Call your VIP’s first—parents, grandparents, siblings, aunts and uncles, cousins, friends—before you change your relationship status on your social media profiles, post a picture of your ring on Instagram with a #hashtag, or snap about your proposal. You wouldn’t want one of your dear loved ones to find out you’re engaged from social media, so be sure you’re able to personally reach all the VIPs before posting.

Constantly stare at your ring 

Whether you went shopping together or you were completely surprised, now that you’re just engaged, you no longer have to just imagine your engagement ring being on your finger. It’s now a constant reminder of the promise for your future. (But if you aren’t in love with your ring, that’s totally okay, too.)

Share your proposal story (a million times) 

People, from family members to co-workers to random people in the grocery store line, will want to know, “How did he/she pop the question?” A lot. Get used to telling that proposal story. It’s part of the fun! It doesn’t matter if you were sitting on the couch in your pajamas, at a five-star restaurant, on a tropical vacation, or on a sweaty hike along the river, remember, it’s your story, and no one else’s. (Don't forget to share it with us, too!)

couple walking in the snow

Photo: Alison Kundratic Photography & The Love Togs

Call your significant other “fiancé(e)” 

It started as “we’re just friends” to “this is my boyfriend” or “this is my girlfriend” to finally “fiancé” or "fiancée." Don’t worry, it’ll be a while until it’s normal to say—but you’ll love it every time. Our advice: practice makes perfect.

Take engagement photos 

When else can you stage your very own photo shoot without looking like a celeb-wannabe? When you’re just engaged, that’s when! Find a wedding photographer with a personality and style that you love, and go all-out with your engagement shoot with wardrobe changes, props, and unique backdrops.

Get inspired online 

You now have an excuse to procrastinate at work! Start thinking about color schemes, decor ideas, attire, and more by checking out wedding-planning websites, photo galleries, and Pinterest. It’s also a good time to start thinking about your dream honeymoon. The world is your oyster!

Get manicures 

If you’re part of the Just Engaged Club and wearing an incredible engagement ring, all eyes will be on your hand. There’s no better excuse to get a professional manicure with your BFFs every couple of weeks—and keep your hands and nails healthy. The best nail polish shades to show off that sparkle? Pale pinks and neutral tans.

Plan a wedding 

There’s no need to start planning your wedding immediately after the proposal—take some time to enjoy yourself! When you’re ready, start an online wedding-planning checklist to figure out what you need to do and when. You’ll likely want to set your budget first, then come up with an estimated guest count, find a venue, and set a date. Once you’ve taken care of these first few steps, you’re well on your way to planning an incredible wedding day!