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7 Things You Need to Do Right Before You Walk Down the Aisle

Make sure and do these things for a smooth walk down the aisle.

bride processional with mother

bride processional with mother

Photo: Reese Moore Weddings

There will probably be a thousand thoughts running through your mind the minute before you walk down the aisle. From going over your vows, to making sure you won’t trip, you are bound to feel some nerves. But don’t fret!

In order to let go of those worries, here are some last-minute items to check off your list before you head to the altar!

You’ll definitely want to make sure you have one last look in the mirror. Make sure there’s nothing stuck in your teeth, your breath has been freshened, and your hair looks just right.

Bathroom Break
While touching up, it’s always a good idea to take one last bathroom break before the ceremony. You are going to be pretty busy during and after the ceremony, so now is the time for any last-minute trips to the restroom.

If you can, try and drink some water before heading to the altar, too. That way you won’t feel parched or lose your voice during your vows.

Put Your Phone Away
Now is the time to silence your phone and hand it off to someone else. You don’t want to be answering any last minute congrats texts from guests who were unable to come, or checking Insta. Today is about you and your S.O., so leave the picture taking and snaps for the pros during the ceremony.

Position Your Bouquet
If you’re carrying a bouquet, try to hold it right below your waist. That way you can show off your attire as you walk down the aisle. If you hold the bouquet too high or without a firm grip it can be unflattering or even block certain elements of your wedding-day look.

Lock Arms
Be sure to have a firm arm lock with whomever is escorting you down the aisle. That way you will start on the same foot as soon as the processional song begins. If you are walking down the aisle solo, ask a wedding party member, planner or venue coordinator for a quick pep talk and make sure you feel comfortable and (relatively) calm.

Let The Nerves Go
If you are starting to feel these last-minute jitters, now is the time to let them go. Remember to breathe and to take in the moment. This will most likely be a time in your life that you’ll always cherish, so be present and don’t close your eyes!