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Finally said " Yes to the Dress"

Harlem Renaissance Bride, on June 12, 2012 at 11:19 PM Posted in Wedding Attire 0 25
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I know I was having a hard time deciding on a dress. I went to a bridal salon today and fold the one of my dreams. It was a lot more than I wanted to spend, but I will cut back other areas to make the difference.

Sorry I don't have pics of me in the dress, it was 2 sizes too small and the salon was very strict about pictures. I will update as soon as it arrives.


  • Andrea
    VIP March 2013
    Andrea ·

    Wow, very glamorous!! That is rough about the store's no picture policy

  • Rebecca
    VIP October 2012
    Rebecca ·

    Beautiful Dress! Can't wait til you get it in and we see pics of you in it. I am waiting on my to arrive any day now.

  • Private User
    Devoted August 2012
    Private User ·

    So beautiful! You are going to look so stunning in it!

  • Cavan
    VIP January 2012
    Cavan ·

    Wow! Gorgeous dress!

  • VIP February 2020

    Wow! I loooove the back. Gorgeous dress

  • Harlem Renaissance Bride
    Devoted October 2012
    Harlem Renaissance Bride ·

    Yes when we walked in I was so surprised to see a Police Officer at the door. None of the dresses had tags in them, I didn't know the designer until I paid the deposit . And it was signs posted all over" Please NO picture taking at all! If we see you doing so you will be escorted out ! Management

    They do have a lot of expensive dresses, but it's not that serious.

  • Shawna
    VIP September 2012
    Shawna ·

    Wowza, gooooorgeous!!!!!!

  • Pan
    Master March 2012
    Pan ·

    Congrats! I really don't understand the no picture policy some places have. I don't buy the "they're afraid you'll steal their design" explanation. Two minutes of googling and anyone can find pictures to take to a seamstress. I hope they let you take pictures once it comes in. Don't forget to update us!

  • Joanne
    Super October 2013
    Joanne ·

    The dress is amazing!! I will be looking forward to see you in this dress! (Feeling a little insecure about my size right now...lol)

  • Allison
    Super September 2012
    Allison ·

    What a gorgeous dress, congratulations!

  • tiedaknot™
    Master March 2013
    tiedaknot™ ·


  • Ashley
    VIP August 2012
    Ashley ·

    Gorgeous dress!!

  • Beth
    Super July 2012
    Beth ·

    Wow, that's a very glam dress!! I love the back on it.. so beautiful!

    Our store also had a no picture policy. I didn't mind though since everyone was there anyway. haha

  • Erin
    Expert September 2012
    Erin ·


  • Julie
    VIP October 2012
    Julie ·

    Wowzer your going to be smokin hot! Love the dress, very glam can't wait to see pics of you in it!

  • Harlem Renaissance Bride
    Devoted October 2012
    Harlem Renaissance Bride ·

    Thanks ladies , I can't wait either ! The back is what sold me too !

  • Krista
    VIP May 2012
    Krista ·

    OMG beautiful....stunning....amazing. Can't wait to see you in it.

  • Charisa
    Dedicated June 2013
    Charisa ·


  • Tabitha
    Expert August 2012
    Tabitha ·

    Beautiful! You will look amazing in it.

  • Yardiegirl
    Master September 2012
    Yardiegirl ·

    WOW!!!! fabulous!!! so old hollywood.....like you just won best actress at the oscars!! red carpet ready!! I love it!!

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