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Dress- fittings and embellishments

Erika, on August 10, 2016 at 3:59 PM Posted in Wedding Attire 0 4
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Hi all. I'm getting married in September 2017, and i found the most perfect dress at Davids bridal online during a sale. I received it, and it will be absolutely prefect after some taking in. I'm also looking to have a trim sew on the bottom of the dress to personalize it a bit. I'm just wondering what's the average cost one should expect to spend on dress alterations. I won't have my fittings for quite some time from now.


  • Sam
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    Sam ·
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    It is costing me about $200 to add cups, take in the top and the sides a bit, and a bustle. I purposely bought heels the perfect height so I wouldn't have to get it hemmed. Getting it hemmed costs the most from what I've been told.

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  • E
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    Erika ·
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    Thank you Sam. That really helps.

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  • MrsKristenS
    Master August 2016
    MrsKristenS ·
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    I paid for $420 for cups, sides taken in, hem, and bustle. I have a lace finished hem, so that was pricey.

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  • Kayla
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    $90 for bottom hem, cups sewn in and a bustle.

    I have no lace or beadwork to the dress, and I took it to a local seamstress so that lowered the cost significantly.

    Davids Bridal tends to cost more than local places, so shop around for prices and reviews.

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