I am a professional model, who has gone back to school for my Associate’s degree in Paralegal. My fiancé is an attorney, who owns his own firm. We have 2... View More

I am a professional model, who has gone back to school for my Associate’s degree in Paralegal. My fiancé is an attorney, who owns his own firm. We have 2 kittens: Gideon, Siberian/Maine coon cross, 6yo & Loki, Snowshoe Siamese, 4yo. I have a 21yo son and he has a 24yo son and 22yo daughter.

September 19, 2020
Hotel Welcome Bags 101
Jennifer, on July 13, 2019 at 11:57 PM

My version of the Welcome Bags, All items “Harry Potter” themed, and Upstate NY, where wedding will be held— and FH is from. Hotel Bags:Bags in the “Harry Potter” house colours( Red/Gold,...

Fredrecia, 3 hours ago 31
Moh Dress Color
Danielle, Yesterday at 1:53 PM

Hi! I'm getting married May 29, 2020. I would just like to get a little input on bridesmaids/MoH dress colors. Our wedding colors are Rose Gold and Navy. We haven't gone dress shopping yet but I'd...

Jennifer, 5 hours ago 7
Animal lovers!
Kelly, Yesterday at 3:56 PM

If you and your spouse were animals, what animals would you both be? 🤔I thought I'd mix it up with a fun post!My fiance would be a Saint Bernard puppy and I'd be a cat. He's friendly and kind of...

Kimberly, 4 hours ago 7
Cocktail hour food
Andrea, Yesterday at 2:17 PM

Our cocktail hour right now will include 4 passed appetizers. I’m worried that’s not enough food. I would like to add a grazing table too with cheese, meats, veggies etc etc. My fiancé thinks we...

FutureMrsD, 5 hours ago 31
Corsages and Boutonniere's?
Emily, Yesterday at 12:58 PM

Parents, groomsmen, lectors, vocalist, readers will all be getting corsages and boutonniere's. Will your Greeters have a corsage?

Angelena, 9 hours ago 4
I’m overwhelmed with decor and flowers...ideas help?
Brittany, Yesterday at 12:59 PM

I’m getting married in late October, my colors are navy and blush with hints of burgundy. I’ve already got my bouquet and made two floral arrangements for the church. I’m leaning more towards real...

Brittany, Yesterday at 7:10 PM 19
a Wife's Hair
Married Millennial, Yesterday at 1:11 PM

Should a wife consult her husband before cutting her hair? Why or why not?

Kimberly, 4 hours ago 21
Why Married Women Wear Makeup...
Married Millennial, Yesterday at 1:17 PM

I once heard a saying that "women fall in love based on what they hear and men fall in love by what they see, that's why married women wear makeup". Do you agree with that saying or do you have a...

Kimberly, 4 hours ago 11
Loving Married life!
Chandra, Yesterday at 1:22 PM

It's been a while since I posted anything other than comments here! We've been enjoying married life for just over 9 weeks now and it's been wonderful! We're really going to put that "first year is...

Jenna, 4 hours ago 22 2
futuremrsv, Yesterday at 2:03 PM

What are some tips on losing weight and keeping it off for the wedding. I am more then a year away from the wedding but would like to lose more weight and flatten my stomach a bit more.Ive already cut...

Kimberly, 4 hours ago 7
Celibate Until The Wedding Night
Married Millennial, Yesterday at 2:18 PM

About 90% of the couples that are preparing to get married live together and may already be having sex. As a result many couples are choosing to be celibate until the wedding night. Are you? Why or...

Heather, Yesterday at 11:09 PM 14
The Difference Between Wife and Wifey
Married Millennial, Yesterday at 2:24 PM

Some women think wifey is a cute nickname while other women find it to be degrading. Where do you stand? Is there even a difference between a wife and a wifey? Sound off in the comment section.

Married Millennial, Yesterday at 6:47 PM 10
What Is Your Relationship/marriage Without Sex and Money?
Married Millennial, Yesterday at 2:34 PM

Trevor Noah once said "remove sex from a relationship and you will discover that over 90% of ladies have nothing to offer in relationships. Remove money from a relationship and you will discover that...

Kimberly, 4 hours ago 19
How Is Your Life Without Him/her?
Married Millennial, Yesterday at 2:59 PM

"How is your life without him?" they asked..."Like a coffee without sugar!" he replied...Using the format above, describe how your life is without him/her.

Married Millennial, 10 hours ago 14
Ceremony Seating
Ruby, Yesterday at 3:12 PM

Trying to plan aisle décor & need to know how many rows I will haveI'm basing my estimation off of 200 people (how many we're inviting) knowing that likely it will be lessright now I have 20 rows...

Courtney, Yesterday at 7:34 PM 8
Hall decorations?
jesica, Yesterday at 3:13 PM

Looking for some inspiration and ideas on how to dressup and decorate a hall for a reception.. there is practically no where to get married for 100 miles & the few places that are really nice are...

Laura, Yesterday at 6:01 PM 4
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