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October 10, 2020

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Spouse seating
Aleaj, on September 6, 2019 at 10:04 PM

So one of my FH groomsmen asked if him & his wife who isn't in the wedding, would be sitting together at the wedding. I told him no because he would be sitting at the wedding party table &...

Mandi, Nov 19, 2019 208 1
Wedding dress
Mackenzie, on September 7, 2019 at 11:24 PM

Please share pictures of your wedding dresses! trying to get ideas on what I like. 🙂

Jennifer, Mar 5, 2020 277 6
Do you count vendors for food head count?
Erika, on September 9, 2019 at 5:59 PM

Evening Brides...quick question when doing head count, do you include your vendors? DJ, photography, DJ, etc???/ I know we will have at least 5-10ppl not show so I was thinking, they can just have...

Catherine, Sep 12, 2019 25
Decorations- What are you using?
Andrea, on September 8, 2019 at 8:05 PM

Hi friends, What sort of decorations are you using to decorate your ceremony/ reception venue? 1. String/fairy lights? 2. Balloons? 3. Streamers? 4. Flowers? 5. Candles? 6. Aisle runner? 7. Lanterns?...

Bailey, Sep 10, 2019 12
Wedding Gift
Sandra, on September 10, 2019 at 2:07 AM

Hi, So as my close friend is getting married, I thought about choosing bedding set as one of the gifts. Found few very cute ones, but have some doubts. What do You think, would this gift be ok?

Cristy, Sep 10, 2019 8
How to ask for cash without asking?
Jacquelyn, on September 9, 2019 at 10:12 PM

Hello all! My FH and I will be getting married on our 10th anniversary and we’ve been living together for 8 of those years so we don’t really need a registry full of stuff. If people are to give...

Jacquelyn, Sep 10, 2019 20
Honeymoon - torn where to go.
Sharyl, on September 9, 2019 at 2:01 PM

My FH and I were talking about where we would want to go for our Honeymoon. I am a little torn because I want to go around Asia and my fiancé wants to go to Hawaii. We have been to Hawaii multiple...

Sharyl, Sep 10, 2019 12
Paige L.
What things do you refuse to have at your wedding?
Paige L., on September 3, 2019 at 8:39 AM

Hi everyone! While wedding planning, I have noticed that if I try to focus on all of the things I would want in my dream wedding, I either get overwhelmed by the vision or sad to think that, no, I...

Priscilla, Dec 1, 2019 271 4
Bar options
Aleaj, on September 10, 2019 at 2:00 AM

I am having a meeting with the venue this week to discuss linen and bar options. What bar option did you all choose and why? I am leaning toward a mimosa or sangria bar, or cash bar. What did you all...

Catherine, Sep 12, 2019 28
Russtic Romance
Couples getting married on October 10, 2020
Russtic Romance, on July 30, 2019 at 5:44 PM

Hello beautiful women! I’m so happy I found this group!

Kattie, Mar 29, 2020 173 63
Overrated or Underrated?
Lynnie, on June 18, 2019 at 11:27 AM

It's time to talk wedding trends!! What's gotten totally overrated, and what do you think is still underrated? Photo from Bloominous Comment in each discussion linked below and tell us if you think...

Bailey, Sep 10, 2019 10 3
Welcome Bags: Overrated or Underrated?
Lynnie, on June 18, 2019 at 11:05 AM

What do you think about welcome bags for your guests staying at your room block? Do you think they're totally worth it for your guests, or not worth the cost and stress? Do you think welcome bags are...

Tamika, Dec 24, 2019 137 1
Sparkler Send Offs: Overrated or Underrated?
Lynnie, on June 18, 2019 at 11:29 AM

Who doesn't love a good sparkler picture?? Are you still into this exit trend, or has it become too popular? Do you think sparkler send offs are overrated or underrated? Photo from OnCue Events in...

Ashley, Nov 6, 2019 88
Which is more important to you: your date or your venue?
Lynnie, on July 22, 2019 at 10:05 AM

When you made those first big wedding decisions, which was more important to you? Were you set on choosing a specific date for your wedding? Or did you find the venue of your dreams first and let...

Shay, Mar 7, 2020 530 8
Wearing a ring 24/7?
Natalia, on August 21, 2019 at 2:47 PM

Hello all! I’m not sure if this is the proper group for this discussion. However, I wanted to know if you ladies and/or gents wear your engagement rings all the time. Recently, I was made to feel bad,...

Brittany, Mar 28, 2020 1,077 17
Full Open Bar: Overrated or Underrated?
Lynnie, on June 18, 2019 at 11:05 AM

How do you feel about having a full open bar? Are cocktails in addition to wine and beer a make it or break it issue, or just a nice extra? Do you think full open bars are overrated or underrated?...

Ashley, Nov 6, 2019 157 1
Brides of 2020! Show us your ring!
Jo, on April 27, 2018 at 11:05 AM

If you're getting married in 2020, congratulations! We want to meet you, and of course we want to see that beautiful engagement ring you're rocking. Show it off here and say hello

Marisa, Apr 1, 2020 9,073 267
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