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Happily married 🎉

February 29, 2020

812days 19hrs

Lynnie commented:

887 days ago

Trendy or timeless? 😍 Come vote for your favorite dress styles in our dress duels:

Lynnie commented:

918 days ago

What's your wedding hashtag? Come share your future last name and hashtag in this community conversation:

Lynnie commented:

934 days ago

Are you wearing a wedding veil? Yea or nay?? Come share your decision in this veil discussion:

Lynnie commented:

948 days ago

Calling all winter couples! ❄️ Come share why you chose a winter wedding and how you'll be incorporating those winter wonderland vibes in this discussion:

Lynnie commented:

971 days ago

Bye bye budget! 💸 Come share where you splurged big and where you tried to save some money in our game: Splurge or Save?

Lynnie commented:

990 days ago

Kids, second cousins, co-workers... who made it on your guest list? Come tell us who's in and who's out in this week's game:

Lynnie commented:

1159 days ago

It's time to tell us all about your wedding - mad libs style! Come share your wedding details in our fill in the blank discussions:

Lynnie commented:

1192 days ago

Have you decided on your first dance song? 🎶 Come share your slow jam here:

Lynnie commented:

1206 days ago

How many years have you and your future spouse been together? Come share your dating stats and more in this week's game "your wedding in numbers"!

Lynnie commented:

1233 days ago

We want to meet your other half!! ❤️ Come post a picture of your future spouse in our fiancé(e) friday discussion:

Lynnie commented:

1271 days ago

Where in the world did your love story take place? ❤️ From your first kiss to your honeymoon, come share where your most memorable moments happened in these community discussions:

Lynnie commented:

1310 days ago

I'm in love with the shape of you! ❤️💍💐 Come tell us the shape of your ring, dress, and bouquet in these community discussions:

Lynnie commented:

1341 days ago

Time to fess up!! Are you innocent or guilty of these wedding planning habits? Come share your answer in each of these community discussions:

Lynnie commented:

1373 days ago

Lynnie commented:

1404 days ago

Fill us in! We want to know all about your fiance(e) and your wedding plans! 😊 Come share your who, what, where, when, how, and why with us in these community conversations:

Lynnie commented:

1446 days ago

Traditional white or fun and colorful?? Tell us what you’ve decided by answering these wedding color questions:

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