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The Guest List: Who made the cut? ✂️

Lynnie, on September 3, 2019 at 11:05 AM Posted in Planning 0 21
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Whether your wedding is big or small, the guest list is always one of the toughest parts of the planning process! Once all the final cuts and decisions were made, who ended up making your guest list?

Time to tell us who's in and who's out in this week's game! ✂️


Click on each of the linked discussions below and tell us if they made the cut:

Are you inviting children?

Are you inviting extended family?

Are you inviting your co-workers?

Are you inviting plus ones?

Are you inviting your parents' friends?

Are you inviting everyone whose wedding you've attended?

Are you inviting friends you haven't seen recently?

Are you inviting your officiant to the reception?

Are you inviting exes?

Are you inviting everyone who asks?



  • Brittany
    Super May 2020
    Brittany ·

    I don't have any kids coming other than my flower girls because I don't want that drama or risk of something happening. I have my close cousins but distant ones will not be there. If I haven't spoke to someone within a 3 month period, they are not invited. No point in spending all that money to feed and entertain someone who doesn't keep in contact with me (:

  • Chinda
    Dedicated December 2020
    Chinda ·
    I had about 200 people to be invited. I cut it in half because half my families are across the US and my wedding day is a week before Christmas. Plane tickets would be pricey for them.
  • Gabrielle
    Dedicated September 2022
    Gabrielle ·
    We are not inviting any children to our wedding and after the ceremony the kids that are in the wedding party will be leaving.
  • Paula
    Super September 2019
    Paula ·

    We wanted to include children, they're part of our family too. We have about 10-12 kids coming

  • nikki
    Dedicated May 2020
    nikki ·
    No kids only the ones that’s taken part and close family members that’s it
  • Melle
    Rockstar June 2019
    Melle ·
    These are always fun to do.
  • Just Said Yes October 2019
    We’re having a private ceremony so nobody but us the judge and our photographer lol.
  • Jaime
    Just Said Yes April 2021
    Jaime ·
    We have been going back and forth with my mom on who we are inviting and not inviting. She wanted us to invite my one uncle and cousin that I literally never talk to and only see MAYBE at a funeral. But my uncle lives in the same state we are getting married in so she thought it would be nice to invite him. I finally put my foot down and said absolutely not. If they have had no part in our lives and I see them at the most once a year at Xmas then they are not invited.
  • Baylee
    Just Said Yes November 2020
    Baylee ·

    We are having an 18+ wedding! We have a small venue (Max of 60 people) which is perfect for us. We are not huge kids people. Although we love our nieces, nephews, cousins, and friend's children, it is just easier for us and our budget to not have 13 children under the age of 15. Does anyone else think people will take offence? We are putting it on our save the date so everyone is well aware.

  • Brittany
    Beginner May 2020
    Brittany ·
    I wanted a guest list of <100 but that did not work out. We invited family, close friends, and we invited our cousins (all of whom are teens) and my baby niece. We also made it clear to friends with children to kindly refrain from bringing them so I don’t end up a babysitter!
  • L
    Just Said Yes May 2020
    Laura ·
    I had to cut out children, second cousins, parents friends and coworkers and my guest list is still more than I wanted. I allowed plus ones. I’ve had coworkers drop hints about wanting to come but I just can’t. Plus, once you invite one I feel like I have to invite them all.
  • Jennifer
    Just Said Yes May 2021
    Jennifer ·
    No kids are invited this time around.
  • Betsy
    Just Said Yes October 2019
    Betsy ·
    Only people who are close such as close aunts and cousins are invited. Kids are included as they are less costly and reception will be earlier in the day. I’d rather have my nephews and nieces than strangers at my wedding.
  • Tianna
    Beginner April 2020
    Tianna ·

    It's already been hard trying to get my guest list at 100 especially when we ALL are traveling for the wedding. The only child at my wedding will be my God-Daughter. My mom and grandmother have already tried inviting people I don't even know, and I had to shut that down. I've also had a couple people flat out ask if they were invited/can they come. Had to shut that down too. I've only allowed people that i know are in relationships Plus 1's. Only our immediate family, and close friends are invited. I really should've just eloped, I mean we are getting married in Vegas.

  • Erika
    Dedicated August 2020
    Erika ·
    This!!!! I want to keep it at 120 and below. We are at 105. No kids except our flower girl/ ring bearer and a few nieces and nephews( maybe) their under 6 and I just don't want to have no mess. The venue has a lot glass and I can't afford to be replacing damaged things.

    Also my list is way more than his but I am doing no plus one if your single and if your married optional. For instance, I work with a few deputies...well I know them but not their husbands.

    We have to be firm on this. I am praying for a few regrets( as bad as it but our close family and friends.
  • M
    Just Said Yes July 2021
    Michelle ·

    We have cut it down to parents, siblings, and close friends, and NO kids. Everyone else is just extra noise and worry. More people means more anxiety!

  • M
    Super September 2019
    Mrs. Bubba ·
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    Don’t feel that you have to invite all of you invite any co-workers.

    I invited only who I wanted.

    I also instructed those that were invited to not discuss as everyone was not invited.
  • Tiffany
    Just Said Yes October 2020
    Tiffany ·
    Still deciding I want to stay under 200. I would prefer 100-150. With a plus one optional. However my fiancé wants to invite every one he has ever met. I hope when he realizes how much he is spending per person that will all change. If definitely down to do immediate family and very close friends. i will have nephews at least. And god children. However I hope others do leave their kids at home.
  • Tiffany
    February 2021
    Tiffany ·
    No one actually made the cut except for me and my groom!
  • A
    Just Said Yes May 2020
    Alexis ·

    I invited family that I actually know and talk to, and a few of my closest friends. I tried to keep it as small as possible, but combined with my fiance's half was just under 200. Hoping that not everybody can make it, so we can cut down even more!

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