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Trumpet Voluntary

by Jeremiah Clarke
Album: Classical Wedding
Genre: Traditional

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Crystal says...
I love this makes you feel as though you are royalty which at least for one day you should feel that way.

Carin says...
This is a great piece. I had an organist play this as the entrance for the brides maids, flower girls and ring bear. It is a wonderful prelude for the traditional wedding march which I used for my here comes the bride entrance.

Jess says...
Love this song. This is the song that my mother walked down the aisle to, and it's the song that I've also chosen to walk down the aisle to. I think it's a beautiful song, and I doubt I'll be able to get down the aisle without crying because of it!

Christina says...
I am confused, is there another Trumpet Voluntary? My brother is playing it for me as I walk down the aisle, but we have a different song, which is the same as on Youtube, but Clark

Joy says...
Christina, it may be a different arrangement of the same song.

Michelle says...
This is not Trumpet Voluntary that is linked sorry....
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