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I'll Always Be Your Daughter

by Lynn Leonti/Jim McShane
Genre: Contemporary




Father This is your wedding day
that you've been dreaming of
I see your happiness
with this new man you love
I haven't lost a daughter
I'm welcoming a son
It's your special day for two
the journey has begun

Chorus You'll Always Be My Daughter my little baby girl
You stand beside your husband
uniting your two worlds
Look into his eyes
for your future and new life
You'll always be my daughter
today you've become a wife

Daughter A father's love is special you guided me through life
From a little girl to a woman
now into a wife
I married my best friend
who's loving & true
I married a man Dad
that reminds me of you

Chorus I'll Always Be Your Daughter your little baby girl
I'll stand beside my husband
uniting our two worlds
I'll look into his eyes
for my future & new life
I'll Always Be Your Daughter
today I've become a wife

Bridge I'll Always Be Your Daughter And I'll always be your Dad
We'll cherish the memories
That father's & daughter's have
I feel like your little girl
As you dance with me tonight
This is our special moment
On my/your wedding night

I'll Always Be Your Daughter - You'll Always Be My Daughter - I'll/You'll Always Be Your/My Daughter
Now Dad I've become a wife

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jodie says...
this is the one for me,x

Irma says...
I am 29 years old, but my father treats me like a 9 year old. I still live with him and he still doesn't want me to leave the house. I'm getting married on January the 28th, 2011. I know my father will cry on my wedding day because i'm the youngest child and the last one to leave home. I was looking for a song to dance with him, but i couldn't find one, that really fits us. When i came across this one. It knew this was it. I love this song. This is the song I'll be dacing with my father on my wedding day.

Stacey says...
is the only way to find this song in it's entirety, to buy it on www.shopmysongs.com? Let me know, please! I love this, and want to dance with Dad to this one. thanks! :)
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